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This should be a piece of cake for anybody who has a not-too-awful command of the italian language: -

You probably know the paper towels next to bathroom washbasins that are folded like this


and you can get them out through a hole at the bottom of the dispenser by grabbing the fold and pulling.

This of course doesn't work when the cleaning lady inserts them upside down. So my question is, if you had an italian cleaning lady who (...)

1. This summer, as those of you who read my journal here already know, I will be teaching Japanese at an immersion camp. The camp is part of a system of foreign language camps, all of which are cleverly named something along the lines of "Lake of the Woods" Lac du Bois, Sen Lin Hu, El Lago del Bosque, etc. Anyway, partway through the summer the camps hold an International Day where the kids have a model UN and debates and celebrate world cultures and so forth. This year's theme is (...)

Hello there. Once again I am here asking for a favor from the ones who speak/live in Germany/Switzerland.

There is a book (poor me) in German that I need for my German literature exam. I have tried to look for it here in Italy (we do have really good furnished bookstores despite I didn't find it), and I even tried to look on Amazon but there was only the English edition.

I would really appreciate it if someone could get me "Am Beispiel meines Bruders" by Uwe Timm. If you can get it, let (...)

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