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U.S. military videos, courtesy of Wikileaks. (Warning: the videos show real people killing other people. I watched a lot of the short (17 min) one, and it is difficult to watch. I've haven't seen anything this brutally real in a while, if ever.)

The incident: U.S. soldiers, from a helicopter, start shooting a group of people who are walking down the street, believing them to be enemy combatants. One is carrying a camera because he is a photo (...)

So now the Turkish ambassador to the US is gone, because a Congressional committee declared the murder of between 1 and 1.5 million Armenians between 1915-1918 in the Ottoman Empire to be a genocide.

Let me see how quickly I can go through this all without boring you, dear readers.

Prior to WWI, a group of intellectual revolutionaries calling themselves the Young Turks (modelling themselves after the Young Ottomans) came to power on a platform of reviving the decaying Ottoman Empire which (...)

When I read this BBC article my first thought was "Why is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Afghanistan?" When I read Wikipedia I was suprised to read that the first time the rights of the treaty were actually invoked was directly after the Sept 11th attacks.

The treaty was originally designed as a sort of mutual protection against the USSR and communism. I began to (...)

Even if everyone might have heard of it meanwhile, allow me to point out one of the few interesting internet projects these days.

On the 9th of September 2006 its "Dropping Knowledge Day".

For more than 2 years the team responsible for the project has been collecting questions from people like you and me. Questions regarding all kind of topics. politics, ethics, culture, religion, everything that's of interest for life on this planet, questions, that seem important to be answered for making (...)

Thanks to the most recent attempt at terrorism that was caught today in London the terror defcon system in airports is now back up to red. Domestic travelers are now advised to arrive three hours before departure, up to five hours prior for international travelers! Among other things passengers can no longer take lip balm, gels, or water with them on the plane.

Water of all things! Ask any healthcare (...)

Hello gents and ladies. Long time no see.

The past week has really made this topic quite the splinter in my mind. Basically I think what it comes down to is the question of just how much can a government piss off its electorate before they're kicked out of power?

In this posters opinion, since Labour came to power in the UK around ten/twelve years ago, modern Britain has taken a good turn for the worse (For "good" there, read "horrific" and for "worse" read "diabolical").

Just a few issues (...)

Well, here we are. Years into the Iraqi war with no end in sight and over 2,300 men dead and almost 17,000 wounded, America (and the world) turns its sight onto Iran. As their nuclear muscles flex and America's mouthing threats gain power, war looks possible whether it be tomorrow or a year from now. It seems both are set for the hell of war as all peaceful allocations seems to have diminished, especially when a raging insane Mullahs dictates and a trigger-happy arrogant President presides. (...)

"Now class lets give a big thumbs down to the Muslim cleric".

I understand some individuals on this board do not find a few of my let it all out, balls to the wall, Gonzo type writing as excellent post material. I on the other hand am my biggest fan.... (Patting self on back, lol) Believe me, there are posters on here who may find my posts biased in nature. Bias is a cloudy word, and writers from all walks of life received that label time and again. Opinions are like assho1es, everyone (...)

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