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I have finally done it.

I have reached my dream at 24. it wasn't a huge dream. It was just earn good money, run your own business, work in your pants, smoke lots of weed. Simple, calm and profitable.

I honestly do 2 hours of work per day, if that. I live with my best friend and we drink chocolate milk and eat pizza like it was going out of fashion. I eat good food with family during the day and drink wine with my friends every evening.

It may not be a great dream. It may be (...)

Many of you will probably think I'm nuts, but I do things not to be sane. I read a book which touched on Out of Body Experiences (OBEs or OOBEs). Needless to say I was quite fascinated. They claimed they could float away from their bodies as if their soul were no longer attached to their body.

They float away, and others panick and return straight away to their bodies. A majority of OBErs claim they started when stressed or their bodies are physically tired but their minds are still (...)

I had a lot of weird dreams in my life, but I can totally say that the dream that I had last night was the weirdest dream I ever had!
I already wrote in post 32140, that I couldn’t sleep all night, and after putting my ideas on a peace of paper I went back to a deep good night sleep.
I had 4 parts in my dream, like i was dreaming about my friends and then BAM!, and i am already somewhere else.

First part of my dream:

My old friends from another (...)

Occasionally I get these nightmares where scary looking men try to kill me for some reason. Last night, I dreamt that I was in the lift with some guy at the hospital and somehow, I was able to read his mind.

"I would really like to kill you"

After he got out, I closed the lift doors and went up and down in the lift a few times until there was someone in there with me. When they got out of the lift, I followed them and the guy jumped out at me, grabbed my arm and tried to light me on fire. (...)

The other night I had a dream that this deranged cat was chasing me around. It wanted to murder me. I'm not exactly sure how it was going to but it kept attacking me. I finally got sick of it and grabbed a knife. I stabbed the cat to death ripping out its intestines. I pulled them out of the cat's dead body and put them in a vase. I gave them to my mom and she cried. She was so angry with me. Then I woke up.

The second dream I had last night was my uncle and I were driving to (...)

I have always had weird dreams that I can sometimes remember and sometimes not remember. But for the past 4 nights my dream has to do with my girlfriend. Since I have been with her I have been sleeping good, but recently she started school about to embark on a career, and since that I have been dreaming about her leaving me and just strange things that she does in the dreams. We love each other and have never had problems with one another, I was thinking maybe because this whole school thing (...)

When I was perhaps five or six, I had a dream that took place continually for some length of time between a month and a year. It went as follows:

I was in a boat in a tarpit. Not a regular boat, more like one of those plastic tugboat-type things. Very squared off and brightly colored. There were other boats in the tarpit. In the cabin on the boat there was a blond girl sleeping in a bed. I tipped her over the side, watching her sink into the tar. Then she would reappear in the bed and (...)

i dream nightmares, constantly. at least 50% of all my dreams are of this kind. mostly i dream that i'm being chased, chased by all kinds of things and persons. my personal favourite is a dream where i had a bunch of mob guys after me wich in the end of the dream actually shot me.

well, what the heck do these dreams mean? i know i dream more nightmares than the average and i'm really sick of it! it's not just a bad litte dream for some dreams are so terrefying that i wake up with my heart (...)

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