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As my laundry hangs dripping over the tub, I learned that wringing out too many clothes after washing is painful on the hands and so I let them hand for about an hour before I wring them out, I was thinking about this project I have going on.
It's a set of 25, or will be in a few days, of 25 moncromatic drawings in color on black.

Now the virtues of drawing on black paper are many. Using black to start with tends to mess with how we see the world.
You deal with only the light reflection if (...)

Wow, going back to this thread brings up quite a few memories. :-)

So where am I now, six years and ten days later? A lot has changed, but isn't that what always happens to long-term plans?

A bit less than three years ago Honeybunny and me moved in together. One and a half years ago we married. Last spring we moved to Liechtenstein, into a great apartment close to her parents, and started making plans to take over their house once it becomes too big for them. Honeybunny (...)

I've been so busy lately, that I even hav forgotten to check in on my email long enough to see what's been going on with all of you. I don't expect that too many people have been checking up on me, though, as I remember correctly most of you seemed rather miffed with me last I checked, and many did not understand what was happening last year at all. It's too bad, but I guess that is the way that the cookie crumbles. I still care about you all though, and hope that your understanding and your (...)

"This is a group for bisexuals whose lifestyles don't fit society's mold of what bisexuality is." -- 1BIAnyOtherName

I love cruising through Yahoo groups. Some interesting philosophies (i.e.: groups) surface. Some of these niche trains of thought give me a chance to explore parts of my psyche that I can't in person, for whatever reason. Lately, I've been exploring my bisexuality. One group I've recently joined is: 1BIAnyOtherName. (...)

Lately, I've been thinking about my life quite a bit. Mainly because I've been in somewhat of a state of exasperation and irritance at my job and having a lot of things to save up for/buy and having a low income to not really provide enough of what I need to achieve my goals.

However, I have to take a look at where I am in life to gain some perspective. Like, right now I'm sitting in a comfortable chair in a coffee shop typing this on the laptop that my financial aid refund got me (I've (...)

I've finally decided to get in shape. And thankfully, I have been super depressed lately. I suppose that deserves explanation: I've noticed that when I run I don't think about everything I'm pissed off about. I don't think about the women I want to be with, I don't think about my lacking a car, I don't think about school, work, my family, money, games I suck at, or my fucking inability to focus on something for more than a day; I think about getting past this block, and then the goal shifts (...)

Yes! That's right! I am getting married to Neil on the 20th of July 2006, at 3:30 pm.
We have so much stuff to do still though. We have decided for the invitations, and they should be ready soon, and hopefully all the ones we are going to invite will get them soon enough to not plan anything, and come to our marriage.

It is going to be something quite simple. You won't see pictures of me in a white wedding gown, as I don't want to spend like 2000 Euros for the crappiest of it ;) If I (...)

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