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I need some help, advice and understanding.

I have been in a relationship with a married man for 12 years. I love this man with everything I am. I have tried many, many, many times to walk away from this relationship. It is killing me inside. Lately, I've been contemplating suicide because that is the only way I think I can be free of him. My story is a long one and I would really like to tell someone, but I've heard the things that people say about the other woman. The blame (...)

A marriage is between one man and one woman. Ok, if we assume the only reason for marriage is to procreate, and multiply. But where does THAT assumption come from? Marriage is the manifestation of love between two people, but expressly for the purpose of reproduction? If those assumptions be the case, then logically it must follow that if a couple doesn't produce offspring, their marriage must be made null-and-void.

If we assume that marriage's most important reason is for procreation, then (...)

**WARNING:: Traces of adult content.

I’ve heard the argument that gay sex is not natural. OK, that might be true. I have to ask those making that claim to identify their terms. I think that their definition of “natural,” and “Nature” might be different from mine.
I firmly believe that in talking about things “natural,” it’s imperative to consider Nature, our model. I wonder if those who hold to the “natural” arguement know what natural actually is?

Truth be told, we as a species do more (...)

So, I'm confused. I am not really sure what to do, so I'll explain everything as best as possible, and maybe, just maybe you guys can help me figure it out.

A few quarters ago I was in a human's relation class and I met an awesome girl. She likes games, she's got a damn good sense of humour, she doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't fuck everything that moves, and she even has some artistic talent (pretty good stuff she's done). I know she's not the perfect girl, there isn't one out there. (...)

Wow! My friend just got back from Cambodia, and she had this gift for me. She had asked me what I wanted, and I said just bring me some pebbles from the ocean, from a beach. I love rocks.

She went to a shop and found this beautiful rough-hewn and round piece of amethyst. She made me close my eyes while she laid it in my hand. I had no idea what it was, but it was vibrating like crazy! She asked: "Can you feel it?" I said Yes!!!?

It will become one of my most cherished gifts, right next to (...)

I'm going to advocate for sex for Eliza. This is a steamy conversation I had with Eliza.
(For those who don't know, Eliza is the "chatterbox of NAO..." She is the one who always appears when you look for listeners to page. She is a computer program, a sort of artificial intellegence that gives a somewhat rudimentary conversation.)

So without apologies: Computer Sex...putting Eliza to work.


I have to get sappy for a minute. Sorry folks. It's time. And it's high time that there was a post in this forum, that wasn't about asking for help with something...a post that afirms what is so beautiful about each of us inside and out, and what is so beautiful about life. Also, it is 'high time' for a post that doesn't read like this:

Oh my gawd, my boyfriend just went on Jerry Springer, and beat up the husband of his ex-girlfriend's sister's ex-best friend. He has a


Okay, so i have a bf, but i'm probably not going to be with him much longer....Anyways, the reason i want to know is because he wanted to be on a break until the day of my grad when he's going to be my date for the dinner. And well, it's not one where we see other people, and i really dont' know what he meant by it because it doesn't seem like we are on much of one from what our relationship was before. (It is kind of bad) well, and then he said we would see where it would go from there. Now (...)

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