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*Starts dramatic speech*

Come one come all, I would like as many of you to take part in this discussion. For, looking back at the philosophical conversations we have had so far, we talk about religion, faith, current issues such as robotics, ethics, questioning the existence of our own. But have we questioned love? Of course many would say that I have posted in the wrong forum, but my dear friends... I shall prove to you, that is the right one.

*Ends dramatic speech*

(Hope your all (...)

Seeing as Philosophy is the art of questioning...

Can our reason and logic eventually find solutions for all the problems in the world... or better yet, can they at least save us from self-destruction?

And another question: Is knowing the truth always beneficial? Is it best to have as much knowledge as possible?

Please allow me to begin by stating that I don't intend for this to develop into a flame war. All opinions are respected her, meaning if you post here, it too must respect and be respected by all participants.

Why war? Why does such a concept exist at all? Some would say it is entirely unnecessary. To them, I say they have not thought much of the subject. In my opinion, everything exists for some reason created by man.

Take a look at the black market, for instance. It encourages (...)

There exists billions of zombies in today's society. Day in and day out, they do the same things. They wake up at the same time, brush their teeth in the same way, eat the same breakfast, take the same method of transport to work, do the same things at work...

Why do they do it? I believe it is because they hope for something better *some* day. It is their hopes that things will improve if they continue doing that which they have been told all their lives will make things better. It is (...)

Well, today in biology I have had some thoughts about evolution theory and stuff, the subject of class was how simple bacteria have turned into more complex cells.
Like there was a bacteria that "swallowed" another one and they started to live in symbiosis. You can still find those "swallowed" bacteria in our cells, it's the mitochondria (they're part of every cell, producing the energy we need to live=.

so now to my thoughts:
At the beginning, there were simple bacteria, and they evolved (...)

There is a post in the What Sucks section on growing up and as I started to answer, I realized that my response would be better in here. It may suprise some of you to know that I am actually an ordained minister, whatever that means. lol

I would never go back, would fight tooth and nail going back to my youth. I hated every moment of it until I was at college, learning and being allowed to find my own way.

My parents, thier friends, my brother, his friends, my school, my classmates, my (...)

I'm not really in a very cynical mood - not at all feeling down, or hopeless. Sure, school is blah sometimes, sometimes I'm bored or clueless - but overall, I'm feelin fine.

Which is good, because my quality of life could have saved a lot of lives.

It should be no surprise to you that thousands of kids die daily from either starvation or easily treatable disease. Why they die is also very straight forward: they, and those around them, cannot afford to save their lives. Now, in one sense, (...)

I recently had a conversation with an online friend of mine concerning religious beliefs. She is a mormon and to my suprise, even though she knew I was not a Christian, was interested in my religion. After I explained to her what Deism is, the next comment out of her mouth was "So you are an atheist?"

No. I am not an atheist. I am a Deist. There is a HUGE difference. Atheism teaches that there is no God. Deism rejects the revelations of the "revealed" religions, but does not reject (...)

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