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Seems like Iím talking to myself here most of the times, which is a pity really considering all those beautiful articles stored in the depths of this site. There must have been a time, when this place was more what its name promises to be than it is right now. What an irony, ďnetaliveĒ is dead! Well, may be itís ahead of its time and thatís the destiny all those social sites, perhaps even the whole non-commercial-web in the not too far future.

This place seems to be online for almost 10 (...)

It's no secret that there's not much happening on NAO these days, even though plenty of users log in every day.

Thus I've come to the conclusion that you're a lazy bunch :-P

No, seriously. I, too, am not writing a lot these days. 1. because I don't have too much time to write, and 2. because I don't have a lot of ideas and there's not much other stuff to reply to.

Also, call me narcissistic (this word looks rather odd, but I've looked it up and Merriam-Webster's says it's the correct (...)

Seriously, this site has had one new headline in like, a month. I'd try to write something interesting, but no techies come here anymore, and I think even the most devout have faded off. What's the deal, I mean, seriously? Either you guys need to start posting and rating (because I've no intention to continue to post when I'm not gonna get responses and the last 4 or 5 of my posts have gone unanswered) or this site is gonna finish going belly up. It's already starting to die, and I doubt this (...)

So, Xmas/Christmas is coming and i propose we get into the spirit of the event by running the first ever... (drum roll please)

NAO World Wide Kris Kringle!

what's that you say? Christmas is still ages away. well yes, that may be true, however once we decide if there's enough interest to go through with this people need to find gifts and posts them around the globe so that they're sure to arrive by Christmas.

I havent really thought through all the rules but i was thinking something (...)

I don't know about you, but I have been missing a few formerly regular NAOees. They may have had different reasons to stop frequenting (or posting on) NAO, but I think a friendly invitation to come back and see if they'd like to stay for a while can't possibly hurt too much. Of course it'd be even better if other people besides me would tell them how nice it'd be to have them back.

This is my list so far (in alphabetical order, minus the people I've forgotten and I hope they don't take that (...)

Hello, all.

Being new to this site, I did what my natural instincts command me to do in all new website encounters: I looked for an "About" page. Before I ever signed up, even. Who made this site? Who maintains it? What's the geographic distribution of its users? What aspects of the site and its community are people happy with? Dissatisfied with? Granted, a few hours of poking around have led me to a few answers, but it does seem like a good idea (to me) to have a sort of central place where (...)

Right, it's time for another get-together, where we can do fun stuff and talk about geeky things. Based on previous experiences I would like to give this plenty of lead time, so here's a basis for discussion:

Traditionally the meeting starts on a Friday afternoon and lasts until whenever everybody's left on Sunday. January 13-15 has been discussed, but some people (e.g. Magicdead) may not make it then, so other suggestions are welcome.

MrCrash, Magicdead, Orchid (...)

All right. Since I keep hearing people complain about the supposedly low quality of many recent posts on NAO, I've taken the time to wade through the archvies and semi-randomly pick a few of the older threads which received better ratings and a certain number of responses. For those of you who want quality discussions but haven't been a NAOee since the beginnings, here's your chance to revive a discussion you may have missed, and add posts of the quality you desire. If you can't find a topic (...)

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