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Work had been the usual, just me doing my best to look like I was doing my best. Nothing terribly exciting had happened that day, to my knowledge. I had heard about a tragedy that had occurred elsewhere, but within my lifespace (Omaha, and the surrounding area)... so it was semi-relavent. Some psycho went on a rampage and gunned down 9 people.

Whatever. People I don't know die all the time.

This was the attitude I was forced to take on many issues. Whatever, it doesn't bother me because it (...)


This from an old time user of dA, I cannot believe how commercial its gone. I realised the "deviants" there are not quite bothered with other work unless its from the popular dA. A lot of my old friends have left and its now raded with tweens and teens whose only comment to piece of art work is

*faint* Awesome WORK!!! >.< I love it! *drools*

It doesn't nurture you or make you better, rather just make you feel how incompetant you are, no constructive critism unless your friends (...)

Okay. Simplicity in what i write, though bear in mind im still pretty drunk.

I tried to meet up with hannah and the rest. Didnt happen. Did meet up with James, Kayleigh and Rob.

Without further ado, I will say that I managed to offend Kay without meaning to. Somehow the conversation got around to people with dementia.

Kayleigh took what i said, that shooting would be a kindness, as an offence, and she left quite quickly. I do apologise sincerely. However, let me put forth my (...)

I am well aware that the way that we expressive ourselves is important. There is nothing worse than listening to a person tell a story who manages to use the "f" word as a noun, adjective and a verb in the same sentence. The progression of language is certainly an interesting topic too.

There is just one problem. I'm not particularly bright.

I read and listen as much as possible for what I hope to be an improvement in myself. I just feel around the internet there seems to be a use of (...)

I've seen many people bashing americans etc. I'm not really into it. But this is really something scary. Just watch.


Not only the knowledge of geography is terrible in the us, but what really struck me was that nobody could clearly answer "why would we need to invade that country?". but they would happily pick where the us should strike.

That's pretty scary thought. Even if the interviev is just a scam, it gives me the creeps. people (...)

Not having any time really sucks. I'm sure everyone has bitched about this one before and I'm quite alright with that. Having a job and being a student is a bitch. I work 32+ hours a week at the vile corporation known as Wal-Mart (as a cashier in a super center) and I'm in school full time. On Monday-Thursday my day starts at 7am and ends at 1am the next day when I finally make it back home from work/school just to start all over again! Friday through Sunday are wonderful because (...)

Lately I noticed a change in my consumer behavior regarding the internet. There was a time when I considered myself an active member of different web-communities, when I took part in several more or less interesting projects. There was a time when I found it interesting to get to know different people from other parts of the world. But lately... somehow that turned into the opposite.

Is it just me or has the signal/noise ratio decreased even more? I once would have sworn that was not (...)

I have to say now 3+ months later after being in the Great Storm Katrina is really a drag !
I lived on the Mississippi Coast where it was hit with a bomb, that did not reach much media time as the Great fallen N.Orleans. I find myself & family members 100's of mile's north in the same state, literally strugalling for servival.
Ive been to the doctor 3 times, from being in the poisioned water on the coast, have had a flu, & discusting problems that I care not to type out.
Taking every penny (...)

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