Your favorites are a small box sitting right below the navigation buttons. It can include your favorite users, forums, and many other things. You may click on Edit in order to change the contents of your favorites or choose Hide if you prefer to live without them.

Favorite entries have different effects, depending on the type of the entry:

  • If you have a forum or topic in your favorites, you will always see the number of unread posts in that forum or topic. The entry will be hidden if there are no unread posts in the corresponding forum or topic.

  • If you have a user in your favorites, their name will appear in your favorites list if they're online when you are. Moreover a small notification window will pop up for a few seconds whenever he/she logs in when you are already online.

  • You may add your favorite websites so they will always be just one click away.

  • Favorites can also include shortcuts to pages inside of Netalive.org (like a quick link to post a new journal entry), as well as a small watch that always shows the current time in the GMT time zone that this site is using - particularely useful for non-European visitors.

Favorites (edit)

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