Your journal is essentially your very own forum. As a general rule of thumb, personal things should go into your journal while stories of public interest should be posted to the forums.

The idea behind journals was to take off some load from the forums and to give every user a personal space to write about his life and interests.

Journal entries

You are the only person who can add new entries to your journal. Other users can merely read your journal and comment on your entries.

Journal entries can be rated, and good entries will be able to make it to the frontpage just as forum topics.

Browsing other journals

Visit the journals overview for a quick summary of recently posted journal entries. The headlines will take you to the respective user's journal.

After every login you will be notified of the number of unread journals waiting for you. For convenience the number of unread-journals of favorite users is additionally listed.

Since it can sometimes be a bit of an overkill to follow all journals on the site, it is generally a good idea to put users whose journals you're interested in into your favorites. To do so, [page=users]look up[/users] the respective user profiles and click on Add user to favorites on the profile screen.

Favorites (edit)

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