Writing posts

Before you begin posting content to the site, we must ask you to read and understand the Posting Rules.

In order to contribute a new topic, click on the Create new topic link on the topics list. If you want to contribute a comment to an existing post, use the Reply to this post link in the footer bar of the respective post.

Alternatively you may also choose to post to your journal. As a general rule of thumb, personal things should go into your journal while stories of public interest should be posted to the forums.

Regardless of whether you are posting a reply or a new topic, you will be brought to the editor screen. You may choose a subject, decide whether to post under your user name or as Anonymous, and of course compose the text of your post. In order to style your text, either use the buttons sitting left to the editing window or study the help page about styling text for even more formatting options.

It is recommended to press the Preview button before posting so you can see exactly how your text is going to look like afterwards. When everything is exactly as you want it, you can submit the form and your post will be immediately be available for reading by all other visitors.

Moreover, you can use the Save as draft button to save the edited text for later completion.

If you are a new user, you will be restricted to a limited number of posts per day. Please refer to the help page on Rating and ranks for more information about this.

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