Posting Rules

By posting content to, you agree to consult and follow these Posting Rules in good faith. In the following, "post" applies to all kinds of posted content.

Violations of these will not be tolerated and while we usually tend to give warnings before banning user accounts, we never give them twice to the same people. Moderator's judgement applies.

  1. Use meaningful and descriptive subjects for your posts

    "WTF????!!!!" won't cut it. Nor will "help me". Try to give other users a rough idea of what they can expect when clicking on your posts, or no one will even bother reading your message.

  2. Watch your spelling and grammar

    Don't write your subjects and posts in ALL CAPS. Try to use full sentences where possible. Don't write "U" if you mean "you". Try to break down longer posts into paragraphs.
    Do exactly the opposite from this.

  3. No excessive use of foul language

    While everyone uses occasional cusses, excessive cussing will not be tolerated.

  4. Pick the right forum for your posts

    If there is no forum matching the topic of your post, use the Other Topics forum. Consider posting personal topics without much interest for the general public to your journal.

  5. No cross-posting

    Never post the same message to more than one forum or journal.

  6. No personal attacks on other users

    If you have a disagreement with someone's point of view, address the subject, not the person.
    Harassment or excessive flaming will not be tolerated.

  7. Respect the privacy of other users

    Never post other users' phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc. without their express permission.

  8. No pornographic, tasteless or otherwise objectionable material

    This applies to your posts as well as to images and links embedded in your posts.

  9. No spamming

    No commercial-oriented posts, no flooding with useless content. No chain letters, pyramid, or money schemes. If you have to post about your personal homepage you can do so in your journal.

  10. Do not post links or requests for warez, activation codes, etc.

    This applies to all pirated material.

  11. The Use agreement applies in full

    Of course all paragraphs of the Use Agreement also apply when posting content.

  12. Try to add to the discussion

    Nothing to add.

These are the general guidelines our moderators follow, not by the letter, but by the spirit. Eventually moderator's judgement has the final say.

Reporting of abusive users

If you believe a user is repeatedly violating these rules or other paragraphs of the Use Agreement, please let us know.

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