Keeping track of unread content

Of course you have no interest in reading those old posts and channel news over and over again. Instead you want to be kept up to date on whatís new for you. Fortunately this site has a couple of effective and easy to use mechanics that will allow you to keep track of the content you havenít read yet.

After every login the News page will tell you how many updated topics are waiting for you in the forums. Clicking on List these topics will take you to to a list of all Unread forums, ordered by forum. A link to the list of unread topics is also included in your favorites bar right below the navigation buttons by default.

A similiar screen exists for unread journals and unread channels.

Unread posts are additionally highlighted with bold, red numbers on the Forums page and topic lists. When viewing a topic, unread posts are displayed in another color and you can easily filter out old posts by clicking on the Unread only tab.

By logging out you mark all unread content listed on the News page as "read", so they wonít be listed on your next login. This way unread posts will always mean those posts that were written since your last login. If you donít want Unread posts to be marked as "read" after logging out, uncheck the Mark unread content as read after logout checkbox right next to the screen title when viewing a post.

In case it happened that you marked posts as read by accident, you can easily reset the "unread mark" by using tabs like 2 logins ago, 3 logins ago or 24 hours on the Unread forums page.

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