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New Cat

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Welcome Luna to the Harmon family. I need to take pictures, so bear with me. As soon as I get some, I will post'em.

She's a kitten of 3 months with white fur with patches of black and beige fur. We found her at the shelter and she was one of the smallest and surely the noisiest. All I kept hearing was 'meows' coming from her direction. They said she had been very small when she was introduced to the shelter, and they had to force feed her at first.

We brought her to our home, and this is the first day she's been here, and her reaction is less than warm, so to speak. :)
She has the habit of 'hissing' at you when you try to pick her up, though we've picked her up on numerous occasions and she's purred in our arms. I guess it will just take some time to get used to the new environment. We've closed her in one room so that perhaps she will adjust to that room first before we open the other rooms.

I was holding her, and she purred so loud. At a certain point, she tried to stick her head between my elbow and my body, I think so that she could rest her head while I was petting her. She's very affectionate too, but only when she's in that state. After you put her down and try to pick her up, she hisses at you and hides in corners. I'm a little confused about it, frankly. All I can guess is that she is just a little disoriented. Elena and I were about to leave to shop for groceries when we heard an unmistakable 'yowl' coming from the room where we placed the kitten. Poor thing was trying to scratch her way through the door. I guess we'll have to eat pasta only tonight. ;)

Any tips on how to introduce a kitten into a new home?


I have to add that the cat just pooed on Elena while she was holding the cat. Ah good times. :D

I'll keep you guys posted.

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Ciao Da Italia

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Hello everyone. I'm writing from the great country of Italy. This time, it is not vacation. I am here permanently (or at the very least until Elena gets her degree).

It will be a great adjustment I'm sure. I can't imagine such a big change in my life. The biggest change that has happened to me so far is that I've been away at college, and even then I returned once every 2 to 3 weeks.

My mom is taking the move the hardest. It was painful to see her so tearful, but she didn't tell me not to go or anything like that. I know it will be difficult for her, mostly because the last child has moved away.

I will write more about this later, because Elena is starving and we are going to our favorite pizzeria.


Happy Birthday

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What is a birthday?

The angels do not descend from the heavens and pour streams of light over my blessed head to mark the occasion, nor all the meanwhile, does the faint sound of hallelujah echoing from the chorus of heaven itself parade across my path.

The clouds part do not part and the sun does not smile down upon me. Rain clouds to not turn into white fluffy evanescent fairy tale clouds which mark the beginning of a beautiful day.

The people I meet, do not congratulate me on a job well done. My boss does not give me a promotion and offer his office to me without intermission. My friends do not offer to pay for lunch and hold a surprise party for when I return home with all the ones I love.

It is just another day.

Hello from Italy

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Hello everyone. This is my journal entry from the wine capital of the world, Italy.

So many things have happened, I don't even know where to start. Elena for christmas gave me this lovely cell phone. It has a camera and voice recorder. It also sends smses (of course it has to serve its central purpose :P). For you cell phone geeks, it is a Nokia 3220 model.

I'm using it to take pictures to document the rest of my trip. Maybe I will be able to buy a cord compatible with my phone so that I can upload these pictures for you all to see. Elena's mom makes her own pasta. It is certainly a fascinating thing to watch, and it just tastes wonderful.

She makes something called agnilotti (spelling?) which is a pasta casing with meat inside. It is quite tasty.

That is all for now. More later though.


Back to the world of the living

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Lightning charges the air, as the odor of something decaying lingers. The rain pours and the storm rages with some unseen hatred towards the heavens.

Through the perilous storm comes a dorm building into view. Not just any ordinary dormitory, but an old and decrepit one that has shown no signs of stirring in many a year.

Lightning flashes still, showing the cobwebs laced over the windows of this ancient dormitory. One inparticular looks different than the rest. You continue further and further until you are looking within.

Now you are inside the room. The place wreaks of eeriness, as everything in this room screams for you to leave. The coldness gives shivers down your spine, and makes it impossible not to cross your arms to warm yourself up.

A tarantula at the sound of a thunderbolt stakes its claim over a rat lurking in the deep recesses of this room, pulling it to the darkness to devour its fresh kill.

Thousands of thousands of books lay in ruins across this room, creating a labrynth of dust and cobwebs. Something is very wrong.

You look to the beds. The shape of a cadaver lay underneath the sheets. Something is there. You cautiously but surely move closer and closer still until you are above the bed looking over.

You grab the edge of the dusty shroud and begin to pull, uncovering inch by inch..

You see gray strands of silvery hair in disarray across the pillow.

You pull some more..

You uncover the forehead of a maggot infested skull, still squiriming for sustenance in the very much dead corpse.

You pull another inch..

You see its eyes glistening in the tremendous flashing of light from outside the window, or at least what is left of the eyes. The eyes roll back but still gaze upon you, as if it were watching your every move. At the sight of the horror that it might actually be alive, you take 2 steps back and trip over some books.

"Stupid.. It's a corpse. It's not alive." You approach the vile horror again. It stares back.

You pull some more..

Another lightening flash.. Maggots everywhere.. Weaving in and out of the face, as if taunting its victim for its inability to move. At the sheer sight, you find yourself short of breath. "It's not alive.. it's not alive.. it's not alive.." you tell yourself.

Suddenly, a slimy disease-ridden hand grabs your arm and begins to pull. "Oh god! Oh god! This isn't happening! It's not real!" A second arm reaches behind your neck and pulls you in closer to the horrific body laying before you.

The head turns at you, and the now dislocated jaw seems to show a grin as it pulls you closer. Your head now is within inches of his face as you fail to break yourself free from this unholy grip.

Closer still the zombie pulls you until you are touching his face with yours, maggots crawling and flesh melting.

The zombie says, "What's up? It's Neil. I'm back to the world of the living."

Miss me? I've spent the last month or so working on this damn paper. I haven't had time to do really anything else. I guess you could say I felt like a zombie. :P

Now I have room to breath and I decided to post here.

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Hawkeye's Corner -- 12/13/02

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Hello, everyone.

I wanted everyone to know that I am going to visit my wonderful girlfriend Elena (Andromacha) for the first time this christmas! I leave very soon from now on 12/16. As you may know, I live in America and she lives in Italy. This is undoubtedly a long way to travel. I like to think of this trip as a long trek, no.. a quest to see the one that I love. :)

Elena and I met almost 2 years ago on icq. She was on her friend's computer and setting up icq for her. She managed to find me in a random search. We struck up a nice conversation, and our relationship was born.

Since then there have been our share of bumps along the road, but we've made it through, and there are no signs of us slowing down. We hope we can continue meeting on summers and christmas holidays until Elena finishes her degree at Italy and can come here for us to both to start a new life together.

Sorry for the mushy stuff, folks, but Elena and I are meeting for the first time. It is very important to me that everyone share this with us.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season while I am gone! Take care!

Hawkeye aka Neil

PS - Jaz, keep up the great work!

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