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They can always go down the street

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My father for all he wasn't, was an extrodinary business man.
Working for him was the first paid job I ever had.

I walked away from that experience with the understanding of his view of being in business, competion and the like.
He had this saying that he ran his business by, they can always go down the street.

That idea seems to have been lost somewhere among the mentality of fast food, chain department stores and supper stores that are overloaded on so many levels that a person can get lost going in circles.

It would seem that customer service is now something you only find in upper eceschalant places where the price tag of the product refelects that.

Something went wrong somewhere. I've seen over the last few years attempts to reinstate great customer service at places like wallyworld, by employeing older people as greeters and why?
Because they remember that businesses used to be based on awesome customer service and a time when you knew your customers personally.
There was a sense of loyalty about it all.

But that went out the window with the invention of the chain store and mega cities where no one is connected for very long anymore.
Customer service is something that many people I've met in my travels have very little idea about.
Most people working today are interested in one thing, the paycheck.
And the vast majority of these same people are butt heads when they are on the customer end of things.
So the cycle goes.

It's not just a job you work at. If it is and it's nothing more than a paycheck maybe it's time to think about doing something you can care about.
Take pride in because what you do when your there for how many hours is a huge indicator to you of what your willing to spend chunks of your life doing.

Granted there are times in life you just gotta do what you gotta do to get by.
But when you go for that new job, or want to feel different about the job your in now, realizing that what you do or don't do shows people what your made of in certian arenas.

And yes, I know there are bosses and managers out there that should be put out to pasture or sea or removed from the job because they make your job harder than it has to be.
I've worked for several that fall into that catagory.

What I've found is that great customer service goes along way in garenteeing a long running business.
And that is hard to find unless your willing to pay through the nose for it.
And it shouldn't be that way.

If you think about what you like when you go shopping anywhere what are the things that make you return again and again to the same store.

There are someplaces that I frequent due to one thing, how they make me feel when I'm there.
The prices are relativly the same and even cheaper somewhere else in these places.
And I could always go to the place where the stuff I want is cheaper.
For me how an employee treats me tells me whether or not the buiness is worth my going to.
The employee is that helps me is the embasetor for the business I'm giving my money to.
So why would I go someplace where the employees don't give a shit about anything but their paycheck?

For that reason there are big name places I don't set foot into.
For that reason there are little businesses that don't get my business.

We live in a time when no matter where you are you can get pretty much anything you want or need.
The one thing that that makes the difference and has been lost and is needed so badly is employees who understand the simple truth my dad ran his business by, they can always go down the street.

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The state of exaustion, I am a citizen

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Last night, after I dragged my ass home from work, to a house where there was more work staring at me, and that work, from past experience, tells me will not get done until I do it, I tried to rest.

I took part of a muscle relaxant and hoped that it would help me fall into a deep sleep. It didn't. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night and those were fitful, and anxious hours with weird immages running through my head.

I woke up as tired and in as much pain as when I came home.
Only this morning, everything in my body feels swollen and tight.
Like I went 20 rounds with someone last night and my muscles are blown up from having the crap beat out of them.
I know why I can't relax.
There is no one who will just step in and take care of shit so I can really and truely relax.

I'm a citizen of the state of exaustion. And now there is a room mate comming into the house who because of an old injury in their life, they are a quadraplageic, and there will be no time to sleep or relax and what little there is, will be shredded in the wind by the other needy people around here.

I find myself praying for a tornado so I can jump into it. Knowing how things go I would probably survive without a scratch so that I would be back at taking care of other people....
I just want to lay my head down on someone's lap and know they will take care of me, even just long enough so I can really and truely sleep...

Work ethics

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In 3 days I will have finished two weeks at this new job. I finally made it into the food service industry.
My theory on wanting to get into said industry was this: if you work in the industry no matter what else happens you can get a job anywhere.
It would open doors if everything else failed.

I have a strong work eithic and take what the person who hiers me to heart, it's their business, and they know what they want.
That applys to any job that I've had. It dosen't matter if I've done that job before or not.
Who ever you work for becomes the designer of the currant job, and since an employee isn't paying the bills or doing other things what the employer wants is law.
That is unless the employer wants a person to theive and then that's something else entirely.

The people I work with are awesome for the most part. There is one person that has been there that loves to talk and basicly ends up in my way quite a bit, but since they are a manager I really don't have the power to do much except just keep working and ask them to move if I need to get into an area they are blocking.

Yesterday I went into work and there is this new person who worked there before and I expected this person to follow the same rules as were laid down for me and I'm assuming the rest of us, one being if you have time to lean, you have time to clean.
In the food service industry there is always something to clean.
It never stops. Between making food and cleaning there is no time to lean.
It doesn't matter if your working 5 hours a day, 6 hours or 8 or two, there is no lean time.

A great manager shows by example. At least that's what my understanding of a great manager is. They are generally on salary, get more hours and should, should be working harder than the workers who get paid by the hour.
This person was a manager at a fast food place, but because they hated the corporate life they came back to where I work.

Now since they've worked there before, you would think they would know that when there is work to do outside of making food they would do work.
I asked my roommate who also works there, and is a manager of the busiest kitchen in the place, there are three kitchens in the place, who this sack of shit was that started there.
And the reason I so gave this person that title, is this, when I got there, after the introductions this person basicly stood in the way, wandered around, grazed from the make line in the kitchen and seemed only interested in making a certian type of food and even with that they got my help doing part of the process.
They seemed oblivious to the fact that there was a prep list of several things, dishes a mile high, and the counters were trashed.
I did what I normally do when I got there. I started working.
Outside of my break and stopping to take a drink of water every so often, I'm constantly busy.
Even if no orders are in, and everything on the prep list is done and the dishes are done, there is still cleaning that needs to be done.

I went to do two of the things on the prep list after I had finished the first thing, and the two things I was going to do involved using a deli slicer, and this moron stood around jawing with one of the managers while the owner stepped in and did the work with the deli slicer.

I found out from my roommate that durring the lunch rush this person was on top of things, and had started in the morning.
I guess they figured they could relax because they had been busy alot already durring their shift.
That's not what I understood the owner to say when I got hired.
The owner said it applied to everyone who worked there.
I know if I was working an 8 or 9 hour shift, I would be expected to keep working until my shift was over.

I don't give a shit if someone has busted their ass three hours ago, if your there at work, there is no lean time. Period.
When I leave at night the kitchen is clean. Even last night, and we got nailed with orders, so even though the mountian of dishes got done (the one that was there when I walked in to work) by a couple of other workers who stepped in and did them and wouldn't let me do them because I have done them every day since I got there as well as learning how things are made,
including the sauces, and prep stuff, and do that as well.
When I leave at night, that kitchen is clean. I make sure it is.
I work my ass off, and at night after a certian time, I'm there alone.
So if we get nailed, I have no help to clean up the mess.
It's mine, and at the end of the night, I'm generally soaked from sweat, it runs off everywhere.

I don't mind, it is part of working there. And it wouldn't matter if I was working an 8 hour or 9 hour shift, until I clock out I'm working.
This person pissed me off, and even though they were on top of things durring the lunch rush, as far as I was concerned they were useless.
They were there for an hour after I got there and basicly did nothing except a few orders that came in and wandered around the rest of the time.
And graze off the make line.
They did make themselves something to eat, which they did pay for, but their attitude was this cocky crap and by the time they left, there were a few of us who were pissed at this person.
I was ready to pick them up and slam them up against something and tell them if they were going to be in this kitchen get to fucking work. There was so much to do, and while they were putting orders together they acted like they were really new at making this particular thing. Like they needed help to get it done.

This person will be going to the new store in a couple of weeks, and I'm thrilled.
I won't have to ask them to move so I can get into an area where some of the food is stored to fill bins of the make line.
Or ask them to move so I don't have to work around them.
They are, as far as I'm concerned a worthless sack of shit.

Maybe I'm wrong here, but if you have time to lean, you have time to clean means just that. Period.

My thoughts on the G-8

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I've been pretty busy the last few days and haven't kept up on world events, so when a discussion took place last night about the G-8 summit, it brought home a few things and put a few things into place.

In this country, we have a man who is in the highest office of power over things that go on who dosen't care about anything but money. He refuses to change his mind even when he's absoulty wrong.
He's going to drive this country to it's knees with his arrogance and stupidity, and our children and their children are going to have to pay for his actions.

Knowing that he, this particular man, is not really the ultimate decison maker, there are some people who have more power than he does and that's because he's not all that smart and listens to some people who's adjenda we are seeing in some very dangerous things, I am looking forward to the time when this person's time in office is over.

We have a friend who believes there will be no more elections because things will be so messed up tord the end of this man's term that another distructive action will be taken to ensure that the american people stay at odds with each other and the internal war that we are in the middle of, there are no guns or explosives in this war yet, but it's comprised of those who favor enviormentally sound living v.s. those who love money and love to consume everything in their way.

What happened at the G-8 and this man's stance is another step tord the complete distruction of every natural resource in this country, he's already taken several at the councel of those indivduals who are really pulling the strings, and as those resources are destroyed it not only effects all american citizens but infact the enviorment of the entire world.

The more pollution we produce, the more garbage, the crap that is dumped into the ground, the waterways and the sky, the more it touches the other countries around this one.

This man and all those who are fucking with what we have are causing deep harm to all.
And the really stupid thing about this is that the reason he won't change his stance is because he said the american people would not change what their doing and it would hurt america's economy.
That's what this is all about. That stupid thing that makes good people prostute themselves to corporations just so they can have their suv's and boats and fancy houses and all the other crap that is not designed to last but is a temporary fix to the addiction to the notion of the "good life" acording to the add crap that is shoved down our throats every day.

We, for the most part, have lost the skills nessiary to do what we are capable of.
We humans are designed to survive on this planet, people did it for a long, long time before computers, cars, malls, hair dye, make up and fast food ever existed.

There is this guy who teaches survival training and his statement about living in the great out doors is that if you know what's out there it's like spending the night in a Safeway, (a very large supermarket chain here in america)
I know this man who spent a year living off the land, when he went out all he had with him was a knife, when he came back a year later he had gained weight.

We have forgotten who we are, we are helpless, and have become so because those who are helpless are easier to control.

With as many countries as this man keeps pissing off with his actions that repersent all americans, it would not surprise me if every single one of them ganged up on us and beat the crap out of us.
The really sad part of all of this is that thousands of children are born in this country, they don't know about anything except they need food and love and they are going to be the ones who suffer the most from all of this.

I can't help but come to the conclusion that the actions of this man speak that he has no heart, and loves only money.

I offer my sencere appoligies to all who don't live in this country but come here to write.
I'm sorry that the leaders of this country have acted so stupidly and have done so many imoral things.
I'm sorry that because of the actions taken so many people around the world hate americans.
We are not this man.
But we are being held accountable for his actions.

I wish it were different. I wish we could grow up enough to have the wisdom that equals the technology that is being used in ways that feed greed and slavery instead of using it in a manner that brings freedom and life.
I wish that those in power would stop being so childish, and grow up and start acting like responsible caring human beings, and realize that money is nothing if your destroying the planet you live on.

But I'm not their mom and can't take away their toys or ground them or send them to their room to force them to think about what their doing and how truely bad it is.
I really really wish I could.
So fasten your seat belts, it's going to get worse from here on out.

Time to eductate ourselves in the act of survival, eating off the land and hiding in the trees, all the while knowing that there is no place on this planet that isn't feeling the effects of being poisoned.

There are theories that in 2012 a meteor will hit the earth and it will create necular winter. I know several people who are praying for it to be so.
What I pray for is a stop to the madness, but I have a feeling way deep inside, that the only thing left if things keep going is a world in which every living thing is forced to live with the consequences and pay for the actions of some really stupid people.

Finding the road

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If a person wants to know their place in this world, who they are and what work they are to attend to, they must, without exception, become observers to a certian extent.

Like birdwatchers, who rise up early at dawn to catch their prey as it were, focused on the search and then when a bird is spotted they look through binoculars to see what kind of bird it is that they are looking at.
So it is when a person is trying to figure out the details of who they are.

Activities at this time, need to be kept at a minimum because everything outside the search becomes a major distraction.
The search is seasonal, it would seem as well.

A journal kept for the purpose of observation and thoughts is most helpful durring the search, because a person who is searching to find out about the what's and why's of their life has steped into the role of researcher.

There is a saying, "know thy self" and to that end, I raise my glass and say "yes".
Knowing yourself is so vital to avoiding unnessiary crap along the way.

Even more crucial to a peaceful inside, is finding out why you are here, and what your life work is about.

But unfortunately, in this world, that is not what is being shoved at the human race. What is being shoved at the human race is to become a uniform bland group of brain dead bodies that are easily controlled.

If one were to study history, and look at all the attempts to subdue the human race, with the end result being a selective group or groups, there has always been some form of genocidal act that has been part of the process.
But in this time in history is different.
What makes this time different from all the others?
How people are being disabled. The powers that have designs to rule completely with an iron hand, seem to believe that alive bodies are more useful than just mowing them down like so much over grown grass.

The only purpose I can see in this is the eventuality of a self propetuating food source, or a massive army of drones.
Drones addicted to things that it believes are nessiary to the very act of survival.

While the actual act of survival has been systematicly and slowly errased from the human memory.

The act of knowning yourself is a protection against this. Living according to the dictates of your life's work and purpose may take you out of the main stream, and if you are true to the purposes of your life, then you will find things falling away.
And the idea that you need this or that becomes a moot point.

It's an awesome place to be. And from what I can see of it, is that those things that fall away, loose all meaning. And they loose their hold on you.
It's an awesome place, and it doesn't matter if your the only one there, because you get to have this rich peace inside, so no matter what you face, you know that you are where you need to be.


Acceptance of what is

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I have known for a very long time that my place in this world was somewhere between the grey line that defines the edge of humanity and the edge that leads somewhere into something else.

I keep telling people the same thing over and over, but no one ever listens.
My life, the people who come and go and the ones who I see only once or twice and then never see them again, have made the truth of this so clear.

I learned a very long time ago not to get so far lost in someone being in my life so that what they carry becomes mine by vertue of them being in my life for the purpose of me walking along side of them.
I used to do that. Take on other peoples baggage, pain, griefs and angers and become a willing dumping ground for all their shit.
I believed for a long time that they really wanted to be in my life just to be there, but with out fail, they would go.

I didn't understand for a long time that other people, with very very few exceptions, were not a deep part of my life.

They say if you can count your friends, your real friends on one hand, your very lucky.
This of course meaning that most of the friends you have will come and go.
Your life will be in constant flux as far as friends go.

This is something I know to be true as well.
Just as I know that the reason people show up in my life is because they are in need. Some kind of need.
And when the need is done, or at least my part in that process they vanish from my life.
I become a part of the landscape once again.

I'm completely accepting of that.

For the people around me at the present time, who don't understand this, it's hard to understand why people don't come here where we live when so many invations have been extended.

The last person who lived here among us that drew lots and lots of people who did nothing but party, only did so when that person was here.

I know as long as I am here, only the people who need to be here will come.
I also know as long as I am here, there will be no huge parties that take place.
The people who are here besides me could invite hundreds of people by the hour, every day and no one, except those that need to be here would come.
Not that I believe that I'm anyone especially unique, or special, or wonderful or anything else for that matter, but knowing that where ever I go this will happen, gives me a kind of peaceful feeling about alot of things.

And in thinking about the jobs I had, each of them was for a reason and the paycheck was just incedental.
When the work is done, doors close. And there is no way to re-open them.
And the funny thing is that I know this new job is going to finish the same way.

I know that my ultimate place of work will be generated from what comes from my hands.
Everything else will shut down hard.

Knowing this only means that I know who I am to an extent, and what my purpose is here.
The full picture I'm not sure I'll ever get to see.
And that's ok too.
It's all good.
even to the last detail.

...and in the final days, when the wind blows and catches my hair, and my eyes are tired,
I will be alone, but not so alone as to be lonely.
It will be ok.
just like it is now.

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