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The last outpost

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Life is like a bowl of ...well, anything really. Anything you put in that bowl and then start eating will end up be comming part of you and then you are part what ever you've eaten. The comparasion of life being like a bowl of something has been used to help people who are having trouble seeing the big picture step back and get a better view.
Personally if I have a piano then the view is really great. You get music with the big picture.
Stepping back to see things is ok, except if there is a curb and you arn't aware of it then when you get there you will go down and find your self well aquanted with parts of the street where they push all that stuff that was in the middle getting in the way of on comming traffic.
So it's really a matter of looking back before you step back to get a view of the big picture.
I love the idea of having a last outpost because it's like having the last cookie in the bag and you get to enjoy it while everyone else just has memories of the other cookies. Not a bad thing when you think about it....hmmmmmmm wonder if there are any cookies left...

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