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While I still consider myself a newbie here, I first came to Netalive about six months ago and never had a formal introduction. I don't know much about any of you and I've never really talked to anyone outside the forums... I'd like to invite everyone to share a bit about themselves for those of us who might feel "out of the loop".

I'll go first...

My name is Michael John Cooney and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm 19 years old and I'm currently in college taking computer programming. I work for a publishing company writing mostly java servlets for the company's intranet (boring). I still live with my parents (AHHHH!). My hobbies include playing various instruments (guitar, drums, bass, trumpet, piano) as well as playing video games. I'm also really into movies.

When I get out of college, I am going to work for a year to save up for university. I found a place in Arizona that offers a bachelors degree in game programming ( Me and a friend are making plans with high hopes to move down to Arizona to get our degrees. If that falls though, I'll probably end up in computer engineering here in Toronto. I hope to start my own small game development company and make millions ;). I also have aspirations to become a high school teacher as well as write screenplays and record multiple albums.

I had a semi-serious band for awhile, but it seems to have fallen apart (I can't really say I'm disappointed). Chalk it up to creative differences. But the band encouraged me to start serious song writing and I have written several in the past few months. Hopefully I will get to record them soon.

I don't know what else there is to say... I guess that's it for my bland self-description. Hopefully others will be willing to share?

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Re: Introduction

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Seems like noone is interested in writing more about themselves

I'm Ralf Grubenmann from the City of Neuhausen in Switzerland (Yeah you're right, Neuhausen, the city famous among the world for the biggest waterfall of europe, although noone cares and noone knows it (Hey I at least have to try to make some advertisement, but for the biggest waterfall of europe it's really poor)
I'm 17 years old and student at a school you could compare with college. I have no brothers and sisters, but i think it's good that way. I work part-time as Webadministrator of the Real-Estate section of a big Newspaper and me and a friend from Sweden founded a company that creates 3d movies using maya. It's more hobby than really work, but who knows, may we'll be the next pixar :-D
I love listening to music, i usually listen to Rock and Metal, but not only modern stuff, also Led Zeppelin, Jimmi Hendrix and other old bands.
I like playing roleplaying games(RPG) because they really occupie you for hours (40-80 hours if it's a good RPG.

I got my first PC when i was 10 (hmm "got" is the wrong word...i used it most time and noone else of my family could use it, so the gave it to me)
I started programming with Visual basic 6.0 when i was 12 and now i know some C++ and I'm quite good in PHP4. And i think i gathered quite a big knowledge about computers and maybe i'm doing a job in that direction in the future.

I like reading books (I got very interested in old books like hagakure, Confuzuis - "The good Way" and other books like it) and i also like fantasy books, because our modern world lacks fantasy

got any questions, PM me ;)

Cya Magic

"The wise have always said the same things, and fools have always done the opposite"-Schopenhauer

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