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God must be in rage about us

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Today the second baby kitten died.

Today I learned that at my brother's Abitur celebrations two carastrophies happened: two boys at two different locations were very badly injured and lucky to have saved their lives: One fell off a party tractor, got rolled over by the trailer that was packed with full beer barrels: The wheels rolled over his stomach and over his knees and he "only" broke one rib and got one knee smashed - He needs an amputation appliance for his knee now for the rest of his life and he's only 19.. I'm crying again.

The other boy wanted to hang up a "good-luck" poster for the Abiturienten (the ones doing their Abitur this year), he wanted to pin it up really high on the school wall so that it would be seen by everyone, therefore he climbed on a glass roof, broke in through the glass and fell about 3 metres down to the stairs inside the school building. Unfortunately it was 2.30 am by that time so the school was closed and it took his comrades one hour to get someone to open the doors and get inside with ambulance and stuff. He had a massive laceration from the glass sherds and a double skull fracture which they learned when he fell into coma. I don't know how he's doing currently..

The fact that these two accidents happened in our close neighborhood probably makes me feel so affected and shocked.

Also today, it hailed and the hailstones were as big as tennisballs (no exaggeration!), something I've never seen before. It crashed and fulminated everywhere around in a never heard way - I first thought we were bombed! it felt like the world was going to collapse..

Then the subsequent thunderstorm must have aroused a big fire somewhere as we could hear the siren which I can't remember to have ever heard hooting but for practicing reasons!

I'm really scared now. What will happen to us next? Are all these incidents just coincidences? I always thought myself not to be superstitious, but I don't know now what to believe. I always thought myself to be so safe and undangered but the last events opened my eyes and showed me how small I am and how fragile. Maybe a revelation like this can be useful too?

Tschüss, alder Babbsack! Hier parkste richtig.

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Re: God must be in rage about us

Sounds like it's been an awful week. I hope the poor guy in the coma comes around soon and that the other one can deal with the artificial leg. What exactly is Abitur, anyways?

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Re: God must be in rage about us

What exactly is Abitur, anyways?

Abitur is the big final school examination in Germany that could be compared to the British A-Levels examination; having passed the Abitur enables you to enter university.

Tschüss, alder Babbsack! Hier parkste richtig.

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Re: God must be in rage about us

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Sounds like an awful week indeed. Nobody should experience something like this, especially not on their Abitur party. I hope they feel better soon and can live a happy life anyway. 19 is just too young an age for permanent handicaps.
(Not to mention the baby kitten. Are the other ones okay at least?) Life can be such a bitch.

On a more optimistic side note, heads up, better times will come! Such accidents happen everywhere, it's only when they happen in your neighborhood that you realize this. Take good care of yourself and your beloved ones in order not to let anything happen to you and them. Enjoy life while you can.

We'll probably experience a hailstorm today as well (I hope it happens when my car is in the garage and not parked outside). After all it's just frozen water falling from the sky.

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Re: God must be in rage about us

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These two accidents scare me as well, but today I learnt that here was also a lot of human stupidity involved.

I learnt today that the guy who broke through the glass was blastered up to the hair line. The other dude who got rolled over by the tractor trailer was completely stoned and didn't just fell off, but stepped right onto the tow coupling.

It was stupid. But these two were still so young and probably have their lives ruined forever, so how can I blame them? We all do dangerous things sometimes. We could all be dead or disabled now if we had been in very bad luck at that time.

Don't despair. No but the most boring life will be completely safe to live, but if we take care of ourselves only a little, our chances of leading a safe life are still very good.

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