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Dear friends, I sincerely apologize to all native english speaking folks out there who try to follow my little story here.

I started writing this about 2 years ago - in german of course - and the longer I thought about it the bigger it was growing. But after a while I lost the kick to write on. One reason was I found it extremely straining to write, I mean the technical side, finding words, placing them, not repeating, building tense all that stuff. The other reason to stop was time. Dont dare to think I could write those lines that are in one of the parts I posted faster than a week or so! I'm not at all a writer! I just got this story on my mind and tried to get it down on paper. So you can tell it took bit of time then.

Now I have come to a point where I want to write on and I thought about ways to fool myself so I stay with it for a little longer this time. So I thought maybe I could find anybody who will be kicking me every now and then, just because he/she wants to know how the story goes on. So I decided to put it here. Of course I have to translate it, which oddly enough doesnt make it any better! ;-) There are still some parts to come that I just have to translate, but soon I will have to start writing in german again, so you wont get a new part every single day.
Still I hope some of you are enjoying the story (and not telling too much, its getting quite tricky!).

And, please do me a favour: if you dont want to read it anymore cause its getting boring or you're pissed cause of my bad English, please tell me, at least by your rating, thank you.

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