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Jaz *** tells about...

Sad Christmas Story

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Two weeks ago a family stole our cat, locked him away in a flat and refuses to give him back. Reason: Their children want to keep him as a toy. We're still fighting to get him back, but the story is much more complicated than that and it doesn't look like we're going to accomplish anything anytime soon. Add to that since last night the family has abruptly started to claim not even knowing of any cat, which doesn't exactly help me trust the integrity of these people.

All this is very sad because in the end it's our cat who is now suffering, locked away in a room for the first time in his ten years of free life. It's bizarre that on very Christmas Eve we get to fight against humans with such an apparent lack of respect for life and the most basic decency. It makes one lose faith in the thin layer of glue that holds our society together.

If you find the time, please write about your Christmas stories. Happy or sad, I'd be glad to hear of memorable things that happened to you on this or past Christmas Eves.

If it works out and a few people reply, we could maybe schedule regular events where people get to tell their personal stories about a specific topic. I'd like that.

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Re: Sad Christmas Story

Reason: Their children want to keep him as a toy.

How sick and antisocial do these people have to be? Call the cops and have their flat busted while they're celebrating Christmas!

As for the Christmas story: I'm afraid not very much extraordinary has happened yet, so at present I don't actually have a story. Maybe New Year will be a bit more exciting. :-)

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torn13 *** replies...


Sorry to hear about your cat, but I think this does prove the point that there are less decent people out there every year. We rescued my cat (named Satan...hehe) when it got away from animal control, because our neighbors were tired of the kittens living near their house.

As for a Christmas story, I don't have any one horrible one in particular, but they have been mostly bad. I have no so called Xmas spirit, hate Xmas carols, and am not religious so the holiday doesn't mean much to me. Last year, my asshole dad ran away on Christmas morning, leaving my mom and my brother (I cried all day). He didn't come back for a week later and we really didn't have a clue where he was. That's Christmas for righteously sucks. (You asked...)

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Re: Sympathy

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This post was deleted by request of the author.

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Re: Sad Christmas Story

Well my Christmas and New Years story goes as follows.

I'm in Seoul, South Korea and my wife and daughter are in Virginia at her mothers. My dad is in Virginia. My mom and sister are in Hawaii. My grand mother is in West Virginia, and I got various friends scattered over the world and in Virginia and North Carolina. Its pretty darned lonely. However there is one good thing about it. Thats the fact that I'm grown up enough to be able to deal with this. If I was younger I think I'd have alot harder time dealing with it. Thank God for having a good positive outlook on things. I'm dealing with it pretty good. Its hard but I'll be a better person for it.

But other than that my Christmas consisted of chatting on irc, reading my C# Bible and listening to music. Oh and eating junk food. I say I've had a rather good time.

Now I'm going to ponder how I'll spend New Years! =)

Its not so bad. I got this beautiful picture today of my little Shelby. Life is great! HAHA...


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ginsterbusch *** replies...

Re: Sad Christmas Story

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Two weeks ago a family stole our cat, locked him away in a flat and refuses to give him back. Reason: Their children want to keep him as a toy

Some folks quarreling about beings that dont belong to them should be put into same torture and prison they're doing about said being.

If you find the time, please write about your Christmas stories. Happy or sad, I'd be glad to hear of memorable things that happened to you on this or past Christmas Eves.

Well well, then.

My story starts on 23rd of decembre, in the year of the not-so-alive lord of christians 2003: I've decided all in a sudden to go to a tiny festival called 'Crossing Over X-Mas V', happening at the Feierwerk in Munich, by saying myself: 'I want to have an aching neck on christmas, as traditionally/usually'

So, I went there, saw some four good bands, although till 10 p.m. (the show started officially at 8 p.m.) just a very tiny 'crowd' (about 20 people at MAX) where gathered there. So the first band of the evening, Saruman, had a hard start. Next went Pequod, which had waaaay less to worry, because by the time then, much more people at already found their way into the hall. Afterwards, show was up for the headliner of the evening: Rapture - who did very wellll, too.

Finally, last but not least, there was a mixture of a punk and metal group, who tried themselves on covering several classics of the punk band 'Entartet', of which apparently several members where, who where playing now ... they not only mixed said stuff together, but effortlessly and impolitely dragged modern pop stuff together in their mix - well done, many things not quite my style of music, but it all mangled together into some raq, dirty punk bastard of the original songs, which even were played partially to be changed anf formed into another song.

Way good shit, but I early (?) had to break off (about 01:00 a.m.). So I went over to my grandma's flat, to sleep there and go with her later back to my mother's house (which is located outside Munich).

So, we came somewhat late, my mother already very angry, but .. acting like a child, demanding of me being sorry and submissive and all - acting if it was all only my fault and such crap she likes much, venting out her daily jobs frustration and anger on other people than on the topic itself. So, I bluntly stepped out right of the house to avoid another useless 'battle' with her over things who could be said and done in less than 5 minutes - but it seems as if some people are right about her: she likes to argue.

And I went back, and tried for a second time, but then she acted way more childish, making a show out of this, a tragicomedy all the time. So I quiet, stepped out, pulled all my warm clothes off my body and did a show by myself - even as she came out and told me _I_ would act childish as like a 5 yeat old. well, sometimes one has to beat the other with the same weapons (alas, I dont like this crap AT ALL X-(9. Finally, she got into her car, taking my grandma with her, driving off to another christmas mess. leaving me there.

Finally, when my anger had rolled off, I went inside and tried to turn the evening into somethign better - I started preparing meal, a fish filet of a fish called 'Zander', which is very soft, tasty (and expensive :D) and an sweet water animal. There, I prepared carrots, and more, when my mother and grandma suddenly arrived - I thought they were away for more then three hours, but they came way too early - my mother explaining to me, they already arrived at the place where they wanted to attend christmas mess, but it wasnt at that time, but only at 11 p.m., so they drove back to try to attend another one over here.

Well well, once again we came into a slight quarrel while I was trying hard to cook a good, well-done, and serving the event meal, but finally I shock my mother off and the evening proceeded nicely, especially when the meal was ready, which consisted of two different sort of salad (one with Rucola and tomatoes, the other with sliced cucumber), said fish filet, a very salty, but nonetheless good goat cheese sauce, said sliced, cooked carrots and fresh Tagliatelle of two different sorts.

While eating and the evening became riper, the bad spirit drove off and ir went out way nicely. We opened our presents, did nice chatting, and I was quite happy after all, considering all of the bad blood which had been spilled before.

Today noon, my mother and grandma got out, drove over to the monestary of Andechs, and are at current time still staying there to not only attend the mess but to have a nice walk in the snowy landscape and simply a fine day.

Now, one can see it getting dark over here, the sun already hit the horizon, and I think my christmas of 2003 wasnt that bad as I feared of at all. ;)

cu, w0lf.

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shopgal *** replies...

Re: Sad Christmas Story

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I was working on the 25th while nursing my fingers, but the crowds had died by then, the stress level went down and I felt less like a fire-fighter.

Hmm. I hadn't always worked on X'mas Day. I used to always be at the airport with my now ex on X'mas day . We lived near the airport and the viewing gallery was the place where we hanged out. He was a quiet guy (which was ok by me, cos I was not very eloquent myself) and likes to make models and stuff. The last time we spent X'mas together, he made this house out of ice-cream sticks which could light up (it had a switch and battery pack). It was really delightful. It was night, the viewing gallery was dark, in a distant the airplanes were taking off and there we were playing with this lantern looking house. And he just simply said "next time we'll get a real house of our own". Felt very touched then.

But later on he got a placement in the Netherlands and we decided that a long distance relationship was not going to work out and therefore to end it as that. And to hasten the speed of "recovery", we decided to not keep in touch, becos that would only hold each other back. So for the last time, we parted at the airport. I haven't seen him since. Likewise it has been a long time since I have been to the airport. I don't play with the toy house anymore. Cos I think forgetfulness is a neccessary gift to move on.

This is not a sad or happy story, it is just something that X'mas reminds me of, that's all. And luckily, X'mas only comes once a year.

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