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Everything's alright, really!

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Why do women persistently insist that everything is alright, when it's obvious that in fact some things are terribly wrong?

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Re: Everything's alright, really!

Maybe they're just persistently mistaken that men will notice anyway... Or maybe they think it's allright now, Ill just wait another while, later it may not be allright anymore.
Or maybe they think it's okay right now and just say it but a second later they think, uh, no it's not but now I already said it's okay and it's embarassing to tell something else the other time.

But don't stuck yourself in that cliché because it's not made to make men angry, we're like that since we were born...

I'll probably know more about the women's secrets after reading that book I got for Christmas (Why women can't park their car and why men can't listen).

I am sorry that women made you angry but I think she'll remember forever and in future maybe say what's not okay. Anyway, you have to admit that usually see says what's on with a little time in between like: "I'm okay.... .... ... Well, you..."

I hope that helps... I usually say when something's not okay. Really. You know that.

Wait, there's another reason. It's the real classic one. You can compare it to the I'm fat-thing: Me: God, you got sooo thin! She: What!? Not at all. I caught another kilogram over christmas! Me: (thinks "oh shut up and look at me!" but to be nice says: You're god damn thin. Point. Now she's lucky. She got what she wanted: Everybody tells her how thin she is and she doesn't even have to be! She maybe really fat! But saying "Oh I am so fat" usually causes people to say: "No, you're not!"

Can you understand that? I usually try to avoid those conversations because I hate it and I know people hate people who act that way just to fish for compliments.
It's the same with "everything's allright". Deep in our hear we want (biologically) the man to ask again and very careful: "But darling, something's wrong. Go tell me! What's up? *hug*

But this scenario isn't always that so don't prejudice women to be that bad... E.g. when my mother asks I always say it's nothing because I don't want to talk with her about my problem(s)...

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MelMel *** throws in her two cents...

Re: Everything's alright, really!

Well, i'll be mel if nobody else wants to say who they are :)

Or maybe they think it's okay right now and just say it but a second later they think, uh, no it's not but now i already said it's okay and it's embarassing to tell something else the other time.

Ok, in my experiance this has alot to do with it. Alot of the time with me its pure and simple pride. Im too proud to allow people to see who i am. Most of my close friends have no idea who i really am, and i would go so far as to say that there is one person who knows me, and two who are getting there.

Alot of the time i am dying to express myself and my current emotion but i cannot for as number of reasons. One is that my current emotion is to do with my innerself, and for anyone to understand the problem they would have to understand me, which chances are good, they dont.

The second reason is shame. This one is self-explanatory.

Thirdly, there's the matyr who insists on carriying their own burden to save others. And we've all done this at some point, but some people go their whole lives bottling everything up so they can give others the strength they want and need.

I also cant stand when people (and yes, women seem to do this more) ask personal questions which cant be answered. They're only attention seeking. I feel like hitting. Them. Repeatedly. Over. The. Head.

I dont know...Just .02 From the "dark side"

-mel ;)

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zen *** replies...

Re: Everything's alright, really!

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One of the most amazing women that I ever known does something that's always made me pay attention. When she's sharing at on of my "meetings" she'll be talking, and then stops, and then she says very matter-of-factly, "I'm going to cry." or else "I have to cry."

Think of what a strong statement that is. Doesn't that get your attention?

I think I'm going to cry.

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ginsterbusch *** replies...

Re: Everything's alright, really!

Note: this is a scheme men use, too. Some rather good (female) friend of mine has to fight these "oh, but its all right"-saying of her boyfriend all the time. she always gets the impressions, that NOTHING is all right, but he wont say, WHAT EXACTLY is so bad.

Something about putting your emotions into jail and getting rid of the key to the jail door. *shaking head*

cu, w0lf.

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