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Should meat have a country of origin label?

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It is by law that fruits and vegitables must carry a "country of origin" label, or else it must be clearly marked on a sign next to the product in the store. I always found it interesting to see where my produce came, but it didn't affect my decisions whether or not to purchase these items.

There are bills that have been introduced for meat to have the same or similar requirements for labeling. I was thinking that I would be willing to pay ten or twenty cents more per pound if I knew I was buying United States ground beef, so I would be in favor of this type of law. After all, we should take take care of our own first. (In my opinion.)

While making breakfast the other day, which consisted of eggs, toast, and sausage links, I took one of those short breaks to the living room armed with my first cup of coffee of the day and turned on CNN. As fate would have it, they were talking about how human remains were found in pork products in Canada. I fished the package for the sausage links out of the garbage hoping to find reassurment that they weren't from Canada. None to be found! I didn't want to waste them, so I fed them to the dog. Now I'm trying to decide what to do with the other two packages that I have in the freezer.

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Re: Should meat have a country of origin label?

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I say leave it up to each person how paranoid they'd like to be about their poison of choice.

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