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Love... can love exist for any age? Or is it simply "restricted" to those who are considered mature enough to understand it?

Emotions. Why have them when we can barely understand them sometimes? They do nothing but lift you up, and then toy with you, bring back your hopes, and shatter them to pieces.

Love... is it a simple infatuation to those young at heart, such as teenagers, who say they'd die for their special someone, yet they're only sixteen years old? If one of such age says things of love to someone, are they enamored, or is it a real emotion?

Holding hands and a peck on the cheek.. puppy love. Smooching and embracing, young love. Snogging like there's no tomorrow and maybe even giving his or herself to that person, they're ready for marriage. But can they be switched around, like in the movies? Except for the sex part, I think that should be reserved for marriage, since it should mean that they're commited to each other. o.o

I hate these hypocrites who laugh at you when you speak to them of feeling a deep, loving emotion for somebody, and yet they seem to admit that they found their true love. Do they feel they're more mature than you, so they can be in love and you can't until you reach their level of maturity, or are they just fools? I don't know.

I'm not much of a believer in those romantic movies where two young people fall in love and grow old together, their "passion burning like the flame of a candle" or something. And yet I don't deny love.. I think, rather, that it comes in many forms, such as the bond between you and your parents, your friends, and your significant other.

But the principle of this thing is... can't a young person, who's ready to learn all they can about the "emotions" we seem to have, feel that they are extremely close to someone, and wish to be with them for as long as they can? Hm.

I have taken a certain quote into consideration: in the movie Matrix: Revolutions (whether you enjoyed this film or not), while Neo is located in the "train" program, the man with his family states, "Love is only a word, what matters is the connection the word implies." And I believe that. I think that when a young person says that they are deeply in love with someone, it can either mean the love we have grown to know about, or just an upmost closeness they feel to someone else. It might not be the "taking a bullet for them" love displayed in the romance movies/novels, but it surely means something (if the person means it, of course... there have been many times where it is a simple infatuation, and they move on to someone else later on).

Does anyone else agree with me, or simply think I'm babbling about something I have no idea about? :)

"It is remarkable how similar the pattern of love is to the pattern of insanity."

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Re: Love

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You may be babbling, but it seems as though you mean what you are saying. You wrote a lot and it is hard to reply to everything, but let me just start with the things that stuck out in my mind.

First of all, I agree with you that sex is about the committment and giving your whole self to someone else. It's really sad how many teenages give it up to anyone and everyone they can get their hands on.

It is true that there are many different types of love. There is love for your parents, and other family members, love for a friend (which I think is different form love for your family although people might claim that there best friend is like their sister, most people have to admit that they don't treat their sister like they treat their best friend). Then there are two types of love for the opposite sex. The english language is so limited that we only have one word for "love", so it is hard to assign meaning to the word "love" that is interpreted in the same way by everyone. Hypothetically speaking, I can tell my husband that I love him. When I say that, I mean I am committed to you. Then we can have sex and most people say that sex is a way of expressing your love for eachother. Others say that you can have sex without love. These are some common misconceptions because of the English language. One type of "love" is more commonly called "lust" or wanting to have sex with someone. Then there is the committment type love that married couples can have without having sex every second, day or even week. This is more closely related to a friendship love.

Regarding high school romance, I believe that what we feel at a young age is the same emotions that we feel as we grow up, but the difference between the two, is that we understand how to communicate and share those feelings better as we experience. When we are fourteen, we might meet someone great: someone funny, attractive, fun to be with and a great person all around. The relationship develops and we fall in love. When the relationship ends(which most at that age do), it is hard to know how to deal with what you are feeling. Basically, you feel like your life is over because you placed so much into that person. You become an emotional wreck. Another setback is that you don't know why it ended half the time because you never knew how to be involved in the relationship in the first place. At that age, because we are taking in so much new information, we might resort to expressing how we feel in a destructive manner like saying that you might die without that person.

As we get older or at least gain more experience in that area, we begin to understand how to function healthily in a relationship. We also learn how to deal with our emotions in a better way and we no longer feel like it is the end of the world when a relationship ends. So it isn't that we don't feel the same, it's that we don't understand what we feel as well when we are young. Love is love I guess.

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Re: Love

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Hm.. I understand what you mean.

But, as you know, some teenagers are more mature than others, such as my best friend, and I believe that some people as young as my age, or a little older, can experience love as well as understand it, whether they stay with that person or not. This level of maturity surely isn't an excuse, but couldn't it be a reason? :\

"It is remarkable how similar the pattern of love is to the pattern of insanity."

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Re: Love

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I am definately not disagreeing with that. In fact I agree. Everything is case by case. There are always those who experience and understand love at a young age, or at least, it works out for them. I am just saying that those who don't understand are usually the one's who end up the most hurt by it. I am not saying that those who do understand it, don't get hurt either. But as I said, everything is case by case. There are even individuals in their 20s all the way to their 40s(and older), who still don't understand love.

But, why does everyone always say that their first love (if broken off) hurts the worst? I always assumed(from experience and acquired knowledge) that it was because in everyone's first serious relationship, they aren't as experienced in handling the pain as they might grow to be for future relationships.

All I know is that my first love was so painful that I think I have blocked most of it out of my mind and it was when I was about 15. All I can remember is crying for 6 months. Sure, people might say that is young, but I didn't feel young or inexperienced. I just felt like I lost everything, but I'm fine now right? Sure young people can understand love and control it, but I sure didn't know how to.

Moment spent in the worst way of all is better than a moment never spent at all...

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Re: Love

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There's nothing like a fuzzy, emotion-packed concept such as "love" to have people talking at cross purposes, but I don't see any hint of babbling in your post.

I absolutely believe in romantic love, and that it can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, we all want and need love so much that we'll mistake transient infatuation or lust or even erotomania for the real thing. The very fact that it's possible to imagine so many meanings arising from the very idea of loving someone just underlines the problem.

What I can't believe in is destiny - that there's only one true soulmate for each of us.

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