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Falling in love or begging to be noticed?

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At what point does loving someone consume you? When does affection for another become too much; so much in fact that you forget who you are and what your own soul is comprised of? Take this Harvey Danger lyric for example:

When you base your whole identity on reaction against somebody, its the same as being in..{love}

What if the whole human conception of love is simply the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of someone? What if love is nothing more than a selfish desire to be noticed? Hence the reason that so many young people throw themselves out to anyone of the opposite sex: they want to be noticed, and being noticed, could it be the same thing as being loved? Sure this discounts the whole ideas of true love, but what if this so called true love is nothing but finding someone that reacts exactly how you want them to react and you do the same for them? What if love, perhaps [u]the[/u] most powerful force upon humans is nothing but a call for attention? Think about it, seldom do people fall in love without buying each other presents or touching one another to get some kind of gratification, be it as innocent as holding hands. Atleast for myself, this is surely a question to ponder, though I might be wrong.

2nd Corinthians 5:7 "for we walk by faith, not by sight" ............I might be wrong...............

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Re: Falling in love or begging to be noticed?

Thinking about it, it makes sense.. but it doesn't come down just to that.
If things get predictable, i.e. they get exactly what they expect, the relation gets boring..
Somekind of surprises and so are required for a relationship to keep going..

At least from my point of view.

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Re: Falling in love or begging to be noticed?

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Wanting to be loved or needing to be needed is more of a byproduct of love itself. The crappy thing is that our language only has one word for love. Other languages all have different words for love because there are so many types of love. For example, we have passion, friendship love, love for family, and lots of others that I can't really think of right now.
Basically, everyone want to be cared about and so we go in search of companionship. Love can oftentimes be a selfish quest. Many people in search of "love", are looking for something that they don't really understand. They want someone to care about them. What real love should be taken as is something that you can give to others, not something they can give to you, but in the end you do it for yourself. Selfless love is really a beautiful thing and it comes rare.
Many people who are in love will beg to be noticed and that is the end of it.

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