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Human Zoos

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I didn't have to work today. I woke up around 9am. Took the pup for a short walk, looked at the collection of clothes and newspapers on the floor and glasses in the sink and decided to go out for a bit.

Ended up at work, on my day off! I find myself spending most of my waking hours there... partly because of a lack of social life. Which ends up sucking most of the time, my lack of social life. I have three people that I would consider good friends, and four people who are my causal, clubbing friends. None of whom I can call up in the middle of a weekday for a chat, or visit.

After I left work I headed over to my boyfriends and we decided to go to the zoo. I am an animal lover as he is... and the weather was beautiful. A sky filled with blue and a sparing amount of white cotton. The sun was out most of the day but the humidity was low and the breezes many.

I like going to the zoo, I like seeing animals that I would normally not see. But, at the same time I hate to see the animals penned up and bored. The poor monkeys were in these pens and there were no trees or leaves around them. There was a monkey that was trying to pull a leaf through the chicken wire they had surrounded him in. I felt sadness overtake me and I felt horrible.

I understand the principals of why we have zoos and some of these animals may have a longer life by living in the zoo. But would it be a better life? Is the safer route better? I don't think so. And what a boring life... to be the spectacle for a bunch of people every day of your life. People staring and pointing, laughing.

I hear that Pittsburgh has one of the nicest natural habitats for the animals, third best in the country.

I missed out on the San Diego Zoo when I was out there.... But aim to visit within the next two years. It is said that the SDZoo is the best as far as the natural habitat, something I believe in.

Or perhaps I could fly to Africa and go on a safari, yes that is something I would enjoy.

Well, that's my day. During the evening I test-drove a few cars, looking to buy by the end of summer. I guess that went ok. That’s another thing. It's so hard to decide on a major purchase after only driving something for a few minutes. How can anyone make a decision like that? It's like buying a new mattress w/o sleeping on it. I suppose there are many examples such as those.

The main focus of the day was the zoo… and how I feel about zoos. Kinda makes me think of how some people live. They are always too afraid to take risks… living in a cage, a box. Whether it is in their mind or in reality. Some people just can’t take the first step and live. And for them, I feel sorry. For them their living in their own zoo.

"Smile, what's the use of crying? You'll find that life is still worthwhile If you'll just smile."

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