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Theme of the Night

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Hmm... poetry and song lyrics seem to be the theme of the night.. after an exciting bout of reality television, i have decided to take it into me initiative to write a little more poetry for your viewing please. Please keep in mind that this is completely off the top of my head, and I have a little proposal, love poetry in my head at the moment.. Aww... How sweeet! *sniff* *tear*

That thing so sweet that you call love
Has never been so strong

The way you look into her heart
The way you never are apart
The gentle kiss on her lips
The gentle swaying of your hips
The beauty of the stars above
Can never amount to all the love

You know that there is no end
For you, and for your life long friend

That thing so sweet that you call love
Is told within my song

I soooo could have done a whole lot better than that!

and too afraid, you're too afraid to fall for anything. and too afraid, much too afraid to sing.

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Re: Theme of the Night

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Ive said before you write best on an impulse! I like this so if you can do better, be my guest. Maybe a poetry forum would be a good idea, if Jaz is listening. Theres a lot of good stuff being put in peoples journals. Poems about love are always the best poems.

Jul 26, 2004 12:19 # 24800

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Re: Theme of the Night

Maybe a poetry forum would be a good idea

Maybe, but I think poems should remain in peoples journals. Journals have an artistic edge to them and poems are the height of this artistic written expressionism. Having a separate forum kind of takes away from whole experience known as a journal. Personal feelings such that reside in poems should remain attached to the writer and what a perfect place than in their personal journal.

Jul 26, 2004 12:07 # 24799

majic *** throws in his two cents...

Re: Theme of the Night

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I gave you an excellent rating and here is why. First of all I am a HUGE fan of poetry that is from the heart, spontaneous and with little editing. The initial thoughts, emotions and feelings are best captured on the initial run through the poem. I'm all for editing and correcting spelling but I really don't like to mess with the flow and word choice to much. It kind of spoils the moment.

Like sex you just go with it. You don't go back and fix something, you just go with your emotions, feelings and let whatever happen happen. This is poetry to me!

I really hope Kaizley that you will post more stuff to NAO. I think you have alot to tell the world and I would be very proud if you let us read it =)

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