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Life As A Cynic

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Somedays are just plain cynical. Somedays I am extremely critical of everything and the "F" word is my adjective for everything.

Today is one of those days.

I have a sick feeling inside
the symptoms of a heart full of ache
I'm physically done with being away
an ambassador of freedom for christs sake

sometimes the mind needs a rest
from the world and the stress
the million and one things we must do
but ends up being one big fucking mess

can I please have just a fucking second alone
no I have another obligation to behold
yet I want to defuck my mind of this shit
and empty my thoughts for just a bit

the cynical side is out in full force
no go back to where you came from
I am content and happy, full of remorse
I'm a smile, no... that's dumb

fuck it, this is crap
I could just throw a fit
give me another drink so I can rid myself
of all this stupid shit

Love me... =|

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