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Yes, its that time of year. Holiday time.

Im going to brighton to stay with my mum for a week, and then for the second week im off to newquay in cornwall, the capital of partying. There i will be meeting up with 5 of the lads and possibly share a beer. Or two. Actually lots. Ive got my hair done, new clothes, 700 quid and an urge to party. I leave tomorrow on the train. So no NAO dor two weeks. I will have plenty of stories to tell when i get back im sure. Thats if i can remember any of it!

So dont cry for me NAO, the truth is im not leaving you, i will be back. A big shout out to all my friends here, you know who you are and we will have an extensive chat about recent events when i return.

Naturally not everything can go right at once though. My ex (whom i believe i have written about in some detail on NAO, but hey i cant help whats on my mind!) rang me yesterday. Seems shes back from holiday and felt it necessary to tell me about some south african lad she met on holiday. I really wanted to hear about that! But still it was nice to hear from her. I feel in control. I think.

Well i get to forget about her and all my other troubles for two whole weeks. Im even going to a house party tonight to et me warmed up for said holiday.

I think the best thing about this holiday is being able to say in all honesty that ive earned it. Ive only had 1 days leave so far this year and ive been saving up for two years. Ive passed college so the feeling that all my work is done and the pressure is off is just wonderful.


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Re: Holiday

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Ive only had 1 days leave so far this year and ive been saving up for two years.

I took 32 days leave this year and in September when I go back to North Carolina I will take 30 more. I had 75 days of leave saved up. I've been saving leave days for over 2 years. We get 30 days a year in the US Army.

I think my balance is currently at 47.5 days. Oh the benefits of serving your country. =)

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