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Paris. Being Far, Far Away.

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I live in a very small town on a very big island in the middle of a very, very, very large ocean. When you sit under the naked moon surrounded by trees and mountains, you tend to forget that mankind can do amazing things. You see so much nature that you become peacefully disenchanted with civilization. It's an odd situation.

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Re: Paris. Being Far, Far Away.

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What a lovely piece of writing.

I live in a city on a large (not massive, but large) island in the middle of a gigantic, and very cold, sea. Sometimes i go out on to my roof and look at the moon and the stars. The funny thing is, even though our surroundings are so different, were still looking up at the same moon.

Its a nice thought if your missing someone.

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Re: Paris. Being Far, Far Away.

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I can't see the moon anymore from my apartment building, but I know it is there.

I live in a large city surrounded by land, and more land. The ocean is far away, although I suppose that depends on your scale of reference. Maybe the water I love so much is closer than I like to think. If I think really hard I can smell the salt air.

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Re: Paris. Being Far, Far Away.

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I live in a very big city on a very very big piece of land. Seldom do I ever think of the existence of something like an ocean. And times I can hear waves rolling against a shore. Why does it happen while sitting under the naked moon? Are that echoes and reflections of other people's perceptions? Its hard to become disenchanted in the heart of the city, when the only achievement of mankind seems to be to rob the nightsky of its stars! I miss them. I want them back. And still the same moon is listening to me just as well as to my love 10,000 miles away...

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