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I got my legs and my eyebrows waxed today, to beautify for the social. YAY! I'm excited! It's didn't hurt too much. Actually the hot wax hurt more than actually pulling the hair off my legs.

What has that got to do with angels? Nothing really, I just thought I would mention it.

Anyway, angels have been "ruling my life" so to speak. Songs about angels, books about angels, dramas about angels and.. other stuff that are related to these superhuman beings.

Our year 11 production is being performed tomorrow, it is about angels as above mentioned. This was a fantabulous idea and I'm pretty excited about it. We've not had very long to do it but I think that it's going to turn out well. I think the angels really are on our side for this one, well most of it. There is a touch of conflict bubbling between the two classes choice of performance and unfortunatley it's a little late to change anything as we are performing infront of a minimal amount of people tomorrow. I hope we do good!

Songs.. Well, there are countless numbers of songs about angels.. "Angels" by Robbie Williams, umm... There are definately more than just that, but my brain is more focused on the pain of my face to think of anymore.

BOOKS! The mostest important! I got this cool book called "Messages from your Angels" I have not yet read it, but it looks soooo good and.. and.. it's about how to understand messages from angels and what they are REALLY saying. etc.

That was really pretty pointless. Meh.

See Ya.

and too afraid, you're too afraid to fall for anything. and too afraid, much too afraid to sing.

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