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Murder Nightmares

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Occasionally I get these nightmares where scary looking men try to kill me for some reason. Last night, I dreamt that I was in the lift with some guy at the hospital and somehow, I was able to read his mind.

"I would really like to kill you"

After he got out, I closed the lift doors and went up and down in the lift a few times until there was someone in there with me. When they got out of the lift, I followed them and the guy jumped out at me, grabbed my arm and tried to light me on fire.

Another one I had a long time ago involved some guy trying to steal the car from outside the house, so I went outside to stop him and he tried to get me. I can't remember the specifics.

Another one involved another friend. We were walking down the street, playing with our mobile phones and some guy was following us. And for some reason, we stopped and the guy grabbed us.

I always seem to wake up just before anything bad would happen, but it really scares the shit out of me sometimes. I don't know if it's the extended hours of cop shows that I watch, or if it's something a little deeper in my sub-conscious.

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Re: Murder Nightmares

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I've also had dreams of being murdered or in some odd cases tortured. But probably one of the most unusual dream was reliving my childhood in a dream.
What happened is that I had moved away from my father with my mother when I was 9. I recapped the parting in my dream. Then not long after my ethereal body drifted to some unfamiliar city in a alley where I hear someone struggling for their life. Anyway, I get to the person who was butchered with many stab wounds about them and it turns out to be my dad. So I have the dream for a few nights and each time I get closer to the person who did it, until I come to find that I'm facing my self with the knife.
Not too long after this dream, I come to find out that my dad is dead, 7 months after the fact.
I guess that's kind of weird huh?

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Re: Murder Nightmares

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I know its a little different but i keep having these horrible dreams!! In my dreams i have dead bodies that i have to get rid of somehow, its so horrible, and i dont know if i killed them because thats not in my dream, but im always so scared of getting caught with these dead people and being sent to jail for ever. And they are so morbid, severed heads, bloody blue bodies...its horrible, and so vivid, i picture it for days after.....

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Re: Murder Nightmares

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I have dreampt something like that before. I asked a dream lady what it meant and she said I was trying to run from something or cover up something.

I use to dream about puppies and babies. I would find a puppy drowning in a pool of water and when I would lean over to save it its face would slowly turn into a babies face. Usually the puppies or kittens turn into babies and not the other way around.

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MIKAEUS * replies...

Hey there is hope

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Hey,u have had them often,thats scary enough,i have seen mine once, and it is not who killed me or how it is done that scares me.Since 2003 i have had dejavous of my dreams. The scary part is, the old dreams have been acted before. I am scared of the day the knife will go through my stomach. The interesting part is i have countered the dreams,doing the inverse of what i should have done. If that is so, then you can stop the nightmare, if it does come, from happening by priobably doing something brighter and different.

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