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House + Furniture

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Okay, this is not exactly what I had in my mind when I requested the formation of this forum. But, since the forum has been formed, here it is:-

Not sure how many of you are from Texas, or are planning to move here, or if you know anyone who might be planning to move to Houston. I have already tried giving the Ad in Craigslist, Sulekha, and Ek Nazar. If you know of any other place I might be able to advertise for free, let me know.

As some of you might know, I am moving out of Texas, in fact I have partly already moved to Canada, and my family is still back there, waiting for a few things before they too take the plunge out of Houston.

Feel free to contact me via NAO or call up Dr. Jaya Sharma at 281.304.4635.

Here's a list of our stuff that's still on sale. My Car, TV, and few other items have already been sold. These are the only things left, and we will work with any offer:-

15506 Pine Valley Trail, Cypress, TX - 77433, Check MLS Listing# 1287914 $149900 obo

The house is a former Lennar Model Home, 4 B/R + 1 Games Room + sprinkler system installed in all the sides, built-in surround system around the house, and many many more features.

Also available on lease for $1395/- per month.

A) 3-seater Fabric Sofa - $250
B) LoveSeat - $200
C) Round-glasstop Dining Table with 4 chairs - $150
D) Queen-size Bed with Sealy Mattress - $150
E) Computer Desk with Chair - $40
F) L-Shaped Computer Desk with Hutch - $125
G) Coffee table, 2 side-tables, 2 lamps - $150

Some photos:-









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