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I think i'm a criminal

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I have had dreams that some asian guys sold me some drugs & my mum or (MOM) as you call it over there went to give them "a good talkin to" & then i woke up in the middle of the night & saw the asian guys kill my mum (mom) with a machette or how ever you spell it so i grabbed a baby brother & sister & bolted over a few fences & left my mother for dead

& another dream this morning i dreamet that i had just killed somone for no reason & chopped off their head & at night i buried there body in the forrest & 2 feet away & dug a ditch filled it with water & put the head in it & i wasn't even scared Then that same morning you know i'm still dreaming i havn't woken up yet it's morning in the dream me & this guy from a movie called 187 this guy's called Benny Chakone me a him were hangin out in some city & i was worried that i'd get caught by the cops for murdering somone & going to hell then me & benny break into some chinese guy's house i go through the back door & chase him to the front door then Benny jumped out & wacked him on the head with a crowbar we walked out then i said to him i forgot somthing i went in & took the guys wallet & then walked back then woke up what does this dream mean i'm an insane criminal


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Re: I think i'm a criminal

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Well, technically, you're not a criminal until you've broken the law. And just because your dreams are a touch psychopathic, it doesn't necessarily mean you're a psychopath. If the violent nature of these dreams is distubing you, try to deal with your violent side more openly and safely when awake, through sports or other physical activity.

On a seperate note, I feel I must mention that in the future, your posts will recieve a far better rating and be much more readable if you make use of periods. Unlike some other forums perhaps, decent grammer and punctuation is necessity here. If you think about it, it's not a hard thing to do and it makes a big difference overall.

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