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Another friday

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Well it's Friday once again and I don't know if I am doing anything this weekend. I should just call up a few people and see what they are doing. I'm so sick and tired of my brother's girlfriend coming up to the apartment everyday. I wish he would break up with that ho.

I didn't hear from my friend at all today or yesterday. I prolly won't hear from him til Monday and that's only if he calls. If he don't I don't care anymore.

The thing that keeps popping into my head is what my mom said earlier this week when he called. "He likes you". I'm sorry but that is the biggest load of b.s. I have ever heard. I mean really if he likes me soooooo much then why does he have this constant need to hook up with someone other than me? Answer that one. And why is it that I've been single for a year now? Am I really this pathetic making myself believe that he'll come around and come to his senses and realize we would be a really good couple?

Alright I didn't go home right away last night. I took my good old time going home cuz I was too depressed to force myself to go back to that place right away. I cried for a good portion of the walk home and I cried last night. I was up til 8am. I didn't wake up til 2pm. I think I need to start taking sleeping pills so I don't sleep all day. I mean not that it matters if I sleep all day or not cuz I don't really do anything worth while anyways. I mean the highlight of my day is weather or not I go to the library and come home to clean up after my brother and his friends. Some life I have right??

I wrote this poem last night about home. Normal people would describe home as warm and safe. Not me. Home is the place you don't wanna go back to but you have to cuz you have no place else to go.

Take your time don't live to fast troubles will come and they will pass

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