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Feb 19, 2005 23:02 # 33206

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A little change

Another weekend full of nothing.
Usually i am siting at home and writting posts, watching TV, my friends are coming over, i talk on the phone a lot, listen to the music, writting stuff, play my guitar, do my homework, read books, stay up all night! And now i am really bored of doing the same stuff over and over again every weekend, so i decided to make some changes. I dont wanna have some kind of a scedule, but i have a little plan in my head.

1. I am going to the beach with my 3 best friends to skate there.

That's not it but it's the bigest change.
We decided to do it every Sunday 9:00-2:00p.m.

I am gonna add more stuff into my weekends, but i think it's enough for this one! I have a big report due monday...and that sucks!

There are nice guys trying to be assholes and assholes trying to be nice guys!

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