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More Of The Same- Or So It Seems

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Another weekend of total boredom and grief. This seems to be the way of my life recently: to no end. I dont even know how i really pass up all my idle time. My life just seems to be one big mush-ball of waste and putrid refuse.

Everything was going pretty well for awhile. I had a good job, a girlfriend, and essentially a pretty busy life. But, I lost my job due to its closing and my girlfriend dumped me. However, i didnt have both at the same time, but still, its one lose after another.

Im not giving up though. That would be the easy way out. Im going job hunting next weekend. I will finally get another job. I wont let the break-up bother me anymore- no matter my feelings for her. Things will change- slowly or rapidly- it doesnt matter. I will make things happen, because the life im leading right now is just slowly but surely killing me.

I did get one tid-bit of good news this weekend, however. I got word that i got accepted to a college i applied for. This is the one I've been waiting for because it is probably my top choice. I should be more ecited that I am. I just might need to let it sink in.

Things will get better from here on out- I got high hopes.

Now are ye undeceived! Welcome, again, my children, to the communion of your race!

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