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People change over time, they always do, it's human nature. But the hardest part of changing is leaving or losing your friends.

Ever since I came down to Australia I had this nagging feeling at the back of my head and in my gut that I will lose contact with a lot of people, people I care about. People that I want to have as a part of my life, both real and virtual. I can't spend a lot of time on the internet and get my daily dose of the internet through the internet cafe.

I miss being on NAO and talking to the poeple here.

For the longest time I always wanted to live alone, be away from all that hustle bustle and just have some peace and quiet in my life but at this minute I would give anything to see my old friends, hug my siblings, just get some sort of human affection.

Funny how you can miss a people you've never met, and the people you already know make things even harder when you send them mails and 2 weeks later there still isnt a reply....

</end of nostalgic ramblings.>

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Re: Drifting...

I O U one killer hug which i swear will be delivered as soon as i find a spare moment.

for now, *virtual hug*


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Re: Drifting...

*Hugs back*


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Re: Drifting...


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Re: Drifting...

Hello =)

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