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The Night of the Drunkards

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Last night I attended a party. Probably one of my last parties for a very very long time, but that's ok because I had a hella good time! For once, I had brought the money that would supply me with my very own case of illegal alcohol (which is only illegal becasue I'm under age... blah blah blah). Anywho! I got a little tipsy within two hours of the drinking, and the rest of the hours went away really really fast.

Random Memories (in no particular order)

- I remember sniffing my clothes, and telling other people to smell my clothes... i even told them to smell my pants.
- Apparently I got wet?
- I remember miss. blacktangent and miss. "missy higgins" speaking in scottish accents and I found it SOOOO funny
- That guy with the guitar was singing at us
- I remember what I'd had.. I thought I was stronger than that! Anyway.
- I remember miss singer trying to take my vodka away!
- some people were doing it in the spa
- i remember someone else taking my vodka away (a different person and a different vodka)
- I remember talking to some random who was playing designated driver
- i went to the toilet alot
- someone said "dude georgie looks so drunk" I can't quite remember who that was though...

That is my drunkard, hungover ramblings.

and too afraid, you're too afraid to fall for anything. and too afraid, much too afraid to sing.

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