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Round three

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I thought that I was finally over what ever I managed to catch here not too long ago, but I managed to have something else invade my body.
So here we go again.

I'm tired of being sick. I know that because after the first bout of illness I was not completely well that when the bug decited to hit, it hit hard.

I'm exausted now, and I hope that what ever this is gets over soon. Everything aches again, even my hair. I feel so weird, and I'm sure I'm running a fever again. I took some stuff to help with the ache, but it isn't working so good.

Deep sigh....

The last time I spent so much of one month fighing illness was when I was a kid. Me and my sisters and brother seemed to be sick all the time. We caught everything, including several bouts of the three day measles.
My parents, both being in the medical field, would over load us with various drugs, and vitamins.
The house I grew up in was poorly insultated and being around that many sick people the illnesses would go round and round and round. Even into summer time.

I hate having to take anything. If I can ride something out with out the aid of anything I will. But over the last couple of years the family diseases of arthritis and algeries and other fun and entertaining things have forced me into taking over the counter meds so that the pain is manageable.

Anyway, I think the over load of stress I've been under for such a long time is very likely a deep contributor to how easily things can nail me.

I just wanna curl up and sleep for a long time. And wake up with no unnessary worries to have to deal with.

It would be nice, but that's not the world I live in.

deep sigh...
I'm gonna go to bed now.

Sleep well everyone

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