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Why is it that things ony surface when heard in the movies.

It was once said

"Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real - what if you couldn't wake from that dream, how would you know the dream world from the real world?"

I have had dreams were they ahve been so real that the feelings flow through in to consciousness and I feel them still in the real world, is this normal?

My dreams are in 100% true colour, full surround sound and as real to the touch, Ive even had dreams of swimming, being with Whales, someone driving me in a car, lightening, falling out of a Dc3 from a height and landing perfectly...and many other things

I also sleep in a room were i get moonlight through the window at night (to the point I am sleeping in it) and sunlight in the morning, does this have any beearing on some of the dreams that I have.

Ive had prophetic dreams in the past, Ive dream shared.

I recently purchased a dreamcatcher which hangs in my window

Any advice her would be highly appreciated

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