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Help with Serious Reoccuring Dream

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Ok every three or four years in about april may or june since i was about 4, i have this dream or rather a nightmare. This dream reoccurs for one week and it dont come back until its time again for some reason. Well in this dream its in my backyard(identical to the leaves color) well my family gets an anonymous package from somewhere and on the label it reads in some strange language. Well there holes in the side of the box to see inside of the box and my family told me not to open the box no matter what. Well in the dream curiousity gets teh best of me so i open it and a huge white dog/fox/wolf comes out the size of a car. Well it looks at me for a fiew seconds and then my family comes out on the porch and starts screamin for dear life and the white dog looks at them and takes off like a bolt of lighting and kills one of my uncles. Well everybody rushes inside and it starts tearin apart the house trin to get to them. Well after it kills about 3 or 4 family members im outside in the yard with my dad and uncle and were tryin to shoot it but it can like fly or glide or something cause its jumpin across the tops of trees. Well it flashes away then my dads dead. Then again my uncles i dead. For some reason it wont kill me for nothing even after i want it to. Well it disappears and i start driving up the road and i notice that in everyyard is one of tehse packages and i keep goin and im the only person left in the city/state/whatever. Then out of no where every one of those white dog.Wolf/fox things appear and there hundreds of them but some are mostly red by now from blood.And then i wake up sweatin and i cant breath at all i can breath in but not out like a panic attack and i have to run into the bathroom to throw cold water on my face so i can breath. Can someone please explain to me why this keeps happening to me.

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Re: Help with Serious Reoccuring Dream

The only thing that comes to mind is that it may be related to some event that occured in your family before you started having the dream.
If your parents are still alive why not ask them if there was some major tragedy that occured that you don't remember.
The other thing you can do is go to a dream dictonary and look up the significant things and what they mean.
It could be that something is comming down the road, or is unfinished that makes this dream keep comming back.
just a couple of thoughts.

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