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Apr 29, 2005 18:32 # 35677

Saqqara *** tells about...

Vivid Stench

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I had this dream while sleeping on my mothers couch. It seems I only have really horrible dreams while on that couch, as I wake up remembering every detail.

The dream started with me in a car with 3 other people, mostly close friends. Our car stalled near a large, two-story white house, so we decide we should go in and at least ask to use the telephone. (in real life, we all carry cell phones, wtf?)

We all get out of the car, and walk up the driveway, and I comment on how horrible the smell is as we get closer to the house. Finally, when whe get in the house there is rotten meat everywhere. The first room we enter is the kitchen. There is meat all over the table, the counters, flies are buzzing everywhere, the stench is horrible. I can actually smell the meat in my dream, it's that vivid.

After seeing all that, we decide to go upstairs and see if anyone is here. In the bedrooms upstairs, we find an old man dead in a rocking chair, adding to the stench. Instead of trying to find a phone to use, we bolt out of the house. Once outside, the sky has gone pitch black, and is silent, no birds, no insects, nothing. As we are walking back to the car, one of my friends yells, "TORNADO!" and points off in a direction. We all look and freak out again.

As we are running around and freaking out, I notice the house has a cellar, so I open the doors and climb down inside. I don't know where my friends are at this point, I'm just concentrating on not getting devoured by the tornado. As I'm waiting, I hear something and look up. The girl from the Exorcist is on the ceiling, doing her head turning routine. When her head gets all the way backwards, she smiles and hisses, and my vision goes black, then the dream ends.


The most haunting thing about this dream is not that I seem to have died, it's the fact that I could still smell that rotting meat after waking up. The smell was horribly vivid, as were the images. I can still remember every event as clearly as if it really happened. Not sure what this dream means, but boy was it a weird one.

As a side note: No, I am not afraid of the Exorcist, I think that's what I happened to be watching before I fell asleep.

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Apr 30, 2005 00:54 # 35679

Aynjell *** replies...

The power of christ compels someone, I'm sure of it....

Jeez girl. I stopped having bad dreams, not sure why, but whenever I did have one, it was always the same thing: Me in a situation that was beyond my control in some way some how. For example, drawing on your tornado, if something bad like that happened, I all of a sudden suffered a -10 to my dexterity or something, and movement became awfully hard. Running was not an option.

Anyway, you get the idea. Not sure when I stopped having wierd dreams, but I do know that recently I stopped having them altogether. Hopefully soon my riddance of caffiene will reward me with nocturnal imagery again... Who knows?

Anyway, that dream was wierd. It really was, but do you find it awkward in choosing the lesser of two evils? A house fulling of rotting flesh (and a possessed woman, no less), or a tornado that could add you to the mix? Life is wierd, and without rules to bind it, as it would seem to be in dreams, it gets wierder. :(

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