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Jul 01, 2005 16:15 # 36886

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Visions of Orange Mound

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My dreams are typically pointless. They're so boring, I usually wake up from the shock of how boring they are. 90% of my dreams consists of me walking. Just walking up some stairs or down a hallway... No reason at all. No plot. Just... Walking... But all my friends brag to me about their incredible dreams of "a post apocalyptic Earth where the ice caps have melted and the entire human race has become underwater mutants with..." No. I don't want to hear about how your dreams are cooler than mine.

But last night, I had one of the strangest and most interesting dreams of my life...

I was on the streets of Memphis with my black friend, Jovan, who was showing me his gun shot wounds from his last gang fight. Then, all of the sudden, this guy drove up, pulled out a gun and shot Jovan in the back through the window. Then he shot me in the neck. I woke up grabbing my neck because I really thought I had been shot...

... But anyway... Comment if you have any tragically dull dreams that you would like to share.


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