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ernie * takes out his flame thrower...

Another day my own dollar,

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Hey here it is. You know the friend i was describing. The one with all that shit from the fellow whores of the world. Can you remember the dead beat ones. Well this one perticular bitch goes bring it on, and she just piled all this shit on my mate and was her face red. She just thinks that she is so well, on the pulse. I have also had a lesson in the grammatical stakes, well gosh,i am not ever gonna be respectable. So i guess all u literary types are not going to reply. Pity I am spectacular when I try. So anyway here is this hack in the same polyester smock sayin that she can make my mates life hard, but the shit just ends up running down that chessy blue smock. For those who dont know "A smock is something in australia you were in primary school arts class, so you dont get dirty" Any how now is trying so hard to damage my mates repuitation by mumbeling profanitys under her breath and encouraging her enterage to follow suit. So what.My mate just loves all these egalaterian hand me downs wanting to be well fashionistas of the next wave, Very Vivianne if you ask me. Anyhow At the end of it all where will these girls be, still giving blow jobs behind the back of the stage, if my mate has anything to do with it. In feb 06 he will have his range in production and well for the sake of my own grandstanding, It is gonna be huge, He still will be the ausssie kid but these middle class wanna be, Will be so sorry they fucked him over, My mate does the whole new kid on the block routine so well, its just ace. I sound abit vengful, its only cause no one deserves to be called a gay slut, even if it is warrented. any how gg is just as apt at winning, Baby.......

Hold on tight, This is my adventure.

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null has a suggestion...

Re: Another day my own dollar,

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So i guess all u literary types are not going to reply.

I have a feeling you accidentally stumbled over this place when in fact you were looking for LiveJournal or this.

When life hands you a lemon, that's 40% of your RDA of vitamin C taken care of.

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andromacha *** wants to note...

Re: Another day my own dollar,

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Man, I really gave that post a try more than once, and the more I tried to understand what it tried to convey the more I thought that it was totally messed up.

If you're an Aussie, I suppose you should know English at least at a decent level that enables you to communicate smoothly to other people, but that post you wrote... well it really needs to be revised several times to be at least understandable.

I tried to look into it, and now I feel like I have only lost my time in doing so, but I honestly wanted to give you a fair chance before rating you, and so I did my best to read it. I don't know what you were trying to say, but my feeling is that this post somehow wasn't really adding anything important to the community. Probably null's suggestion was the right one... what was the question you would have wanted to be answered anyway? You know when you said,

So i guess all u literary types are not going to reply

Because I really missed it, I'm afraid.
Now, if you consider writing here again, I suggest for you to actually try to use your English skills (skills that you should have "embedded" in you, as you're a mother tongue), because otherwise I am afraid that no one will actually care about what you write, and by not being rated any but reds or oranges you'll end up not having the priviledge to write here anymore.

Italy no longer accepts illegal immigrants. Mr. B sink their boats!!!!!!!

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Aynjell *** replies...

Re: Another day my own dollar,

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You failed the turing test. Go away.

I should be ashamed of myself.

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harold_maude *** replies...

Re: Another day my own dollar,

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Um, it all sounds like you've got some things you need to work out, deal with.
Your post reminds me of some of my very jaded friends who no matter what a person trys to say to them they are always comming back with something that would bite if it had also reminds me of the stuff I've read on livejournal...that "wonderful" place full of bitter disapointed people who enjoy ranting and complaining.

Just some observations here.

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