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When the moon hits your eye...and other things

To make a pizza and not get throughly tired of the thought of eating the stuff, takes some doing.
I've been working in a pizzarea for almost two months now and I've gotten to the point where the very thought of eating the stuff makes me almost sick.
I've made so many pizzas now that I could do it in my sleep....
take a dough ball...flatten it...add sauce...toppings and into the oven.
8 slices for a medium, 12 to 16 for a large.

And in doing this repetive work, I've also thought about the perfect pizza. (the moon comes in here)
Take some really exoitc cheese, and make a great wild tasty sauce, gotta be outta the ordinary, and add the following:
Crab meat, black russian tomatoes, fresh roasted garlic chopped fine, green onions, some freshly cooked itallian sausage, and maybe on top of a mixture of cream cheese, a touch of fresh rosemary and a hint of lemmon....
then sprinkle on a mixture of sharp new york white cheddar, mild cheddar and a touch of swiss or gouda or edam cheese...

When it comes out of the oven let it sit a bit, grab a bottle of your favorite wine and spread a blanket under the stars and a full moon with someone you want to get to know better, that can be your spouse which you have missed the company of because your both working like crazy people to make ends meet...or a lover that you don't get to spend alotta time with...or your best friend, and enjoy a perfect evening.

Take the time to really enjoy what your eating and the company your with.
Laugh, and forget about pressing problems for the evening.
Take the time to enjoy the food as well...
It will be wonderful, I promise.

And if my ingredients arn't to your liking, then go for what your hearts perfect pizza is and enjoy.

Life is short, and the bills won't get stale from one evening off, but your heart and head might get more weary if you don't take a break and just enjoy a few hours of the good life...
just a side note here, I'm not sure it would feel like love if the moon hit your eye like a big pizza pie....


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