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Monday morning

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It's Monday again, and the cycle of going and going and going is still going.

When I drove past the various gas stations yesterday the price of gas was 2.55 a gallon on up.
I did the math, and after caculating my bills, I get about 1.10 per hour that isn't dedicated to bills.
That 1.10 has to cover food or clothes or shoes or car repairs.

I have basic bills, nothing major like a lot of people, no credit cards, no houses on mortgage, we rent, no car we're trying to pay off.
nothing like that.
Just a few bills that come every month.

I don't want to, but...I have to find something that's closer to where we live and pays more money in order for it to keep from becomming going to work so I can pay to go to work.

I wonder if there will ever come a time when I can breathe a complete sigh of relief about finances.
I wonder.
Probably not, but it was just a nice thought.

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