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So, from the title of the post you have probably understood that I am here to complain and/or brag a bit about my thesis. Since I have been talking about it quite a bit with various people lately, I feel like posting some more information here, so that everybody can share my unlucky destiny :P

I am at the moment juggling between studying for my final German literature exam (in which I have to read the worst books ever written) and the thesis for my graduation. The already mentioned thesis has as title "Orality structures of Ayi Kwei Armah's fiction". He is a Ghanaian author who writes about the corruption of the African society, which has been carried on by the whites during the colonization.

It is hard to write about this particular topic, because it seems that no one before has ever analyzed his fiction under this particular point of view, and for this reason it is giving me uncountable troubles. So far I have written 6 pages; the first chapter, however, was kind of easy, as it was an introduction on Africa and the colonial empire. In the second chapter, I am writing about the different important traits that are contained in the novels I am analyzing, and in the third chapter I will analyze (hopefully) the actual structures used by the author throughout the already cited books. Finally, the fourth and last chapter will be on the conclusions.

At the moment I feel like I am lost in the middle of the ocean, because I am really afraid that in the end I won't be able to write enough, and I will have to go back and add. That is really what I would hate the most, because I am really not good at adding pieces to something that I have already written; this is mainly because if I have previously decided that that would have been it, it meant that I don't have anymore to write about that particular topic. So being forced to write more will surely lead me nowhere.

Anyway, sorry for all these complaints, but I really needed to remove this thing from my chest. Now, if anyone has some kind of suggestions or any kind of supportive replies, please feel more than welcome to reply to this post of mine.

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