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Okay I have alot to talk about. Starting from the beginning. I just had an abortion not because I wanted to but for the baby. I found out too late that I was pregnant and I was still taking the birth control. I was 8 weeks along. Talk about really really depressing. My kid would have be born deformed as well as brain dead. Now whenever I pass a little kid or see little kids asile in a store I begin to wonder. What if I hadn't have taken those pills, what if I knew about him/her, if only I had thought about it sooner. I ignored the fact that I didn't get my period because I thought it was the effect of me being stressed out. My boyfriend ignored it completely secretly hoping I wasn't. He helped me pay for it and wanted to be there with me but my mom told him no. My mom was totally cool about it and drove me to the clinic. I am still with my boyfriend and is currently going to college this fall. My boyfriend is a high school senior. I graduated a year early. Sometimes I wonder if me and him are going to break up. We've been through so much but it's like I don't know if we'll make it. He wants to propose to me on homecoming this year because that's when we first started going out, it was 2 years ago, on our birthday and it was homecoming. He made a comment like something like we share the exact same birthday with him 2 hrs older, started going out on our birthday, and will probably get married on our birthday. But I don't know. You see there's this girl whos a year younger whose been obessing over him. She stalks him all the time and trys to break us up. I don't know with me not going to my high school anymore I don't know if I gave her all the amo she needs. maybe its really a I'm letting him go and seeing if he comes back or a trust thing. I got an second interview with applebees tomorrow so that should be fun!

*with hugs n licks* ana

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