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Some I need to say

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The way the road goes
Introdution notes:

I have something to say. I feel deep inside that it's something important. I don't
presume to believe that I'm the only person that has said the same things or felt the
same things about this, but I believe that sometimes your handed something,
sometimes in bits and peices and after awhile it forms a picture, and you know that
the responsiblity is there to say something.
So I'm saying it.

I went to an art show yesterday. It was native american art. The days for the show
were two this year.
In previous years it's been four.
And they were open to the public. We who are not part of the native american culture
got to see their world for a few days.

We got to hear what they had to say through their art, aside from any goverment propagana.
We got to touch their culture for a little while.

Along with the cutting of the days, the time when the show is up got cut too.
A total the first day that is open to the public was 8 hours. The second day was 6 hours.
That's it.

I was told that in the past it started at 10 in the morning and would go until 10 or 11 at night.
That wasn't enough to be able to say this is who we are, but it was something.
There was a brief window of time.

Now it's this even briefer amount of time which from what I saw was a market that resembled
what you get when you go to a county fair.
It's all about the money now. Right?
This bone thrown to a people who are fighting to keep who they are alive, and not some mention
as part of a history class that covers so much information in such a short amount of time,
that when you take the class and then leave it, it's forgotten relativly quickly.

It's about the money...and that sucks. It's a disgrace, the great american tragedy.
And the people running the show called America the beautiful don't really give a fuck about
anything but the money.
Thoes people, incase your wondering, are thoes folks that control the majority of the money
in this country, and because of that they have the power to say what will and won't go.
Some of those few are in very high goverment places.
They help designs the laws that the rest of the american people have to sucumb to.
We have still have the choice to say no, but even that is being stripped more and more.

We are the cattle of the few. And they really don't give a flying fuck if you or me gets sick,
looses any shelter, or if we loose our children to some side effect of their choices.
It just doesn't matter.
It's all about money. Money equals power. Power equals control.

If that's too obsene a concept. Look at it this way. You come to an ant hill. The ants
start crawling on you. From your perspective they are annoyances and distructive and so
being annoyed at ants crawling on you set about distroying the ant hill.
And you may even enjoy watching the distruction.
One less pest in your world.
You know that you can't distroy all the ants, or even all the ant hills, but this one, is going
to be gone.
You are more powerful then those ants, even collectivly. You have the technology and so
you being in control, distroy the ants.

Now it never concerns you how many baby ants are in that nest, or if they do any good
in this world or not.
All that matters is they were crawling on you and that's an offense that deserves death.

The few that hold the majority of the money and power see you and me in that same way.
And the ultimate goal, from all I can see, is that the rest of humanity is seen as having no
more value than what we can produce, how fast we can work, so that they will remain
where they are.
That's it.
nothing more.

Because they understand we have the ablity to think and have compassion, can love or hate,
or rebel, it is in their best interest to appear to be generous.
They give relativly small amounts of money to different causes and charities, so that they will
be seen as great benefactors, and for the people and all the rest of the propaganda that
keeps the entertainment hungry population where they are.

And the reason we are so entertainment hungry is because the jobs we have, the collective
actions of the world are so disgustingly vicious, and violent in so many ways, that all
we want to do is escape. Even for a few hours.
A repreve from the madness we earn our keep in the middle of.
So, what started as a need to escape became an addiction, one that is harder to break away from
than any illgeal or legal drug that exists in the market place.
And why would you want to be free of it anyway?
It helps you cope with that job that is literally killing you. That used to be only an illustration.
Now it's more and more the reality.

We are loosing, peice by peice, inch by inch, dollar by dollar, thought by thought our lives.
It's more and more that way, every day.
It scares me.
We are selling ourselves into slavery to something that is making it so easy to take slavery
rather than freedom.

Closing in from the other side is the goverment that is taking more and more freedoms
Doing shameful things, like taking peoples homes away and givng the land to private compaines
who are huge corporations run by a few people, so they can become more powerful.
Very quiet and very private powerful corporations.

And the masses lose again.

The templates for this process I believe were set up in how the goverment delt with
the nations that lived in this country before they got here.
The native nations of this country.
It took while at first to get the machnery in place, but once it was in full gear, the nations
of this country, were all but completely distroyed.

In order to understand what's going on today, you need to understand what happened with
the american indian.

For many it is just that. And we see it as wrong. We know that what the goverment did to them
was wrong, immoral, indecient, and a disgrace.
To the goverment they weren't human. They were ants on their shoes.

Well, boys and girls, the currant population of the untited states of america are the currant
native nations, and the goverment is helping some of these same peoples who are part
of the american nations of today, do the exact same thing.

And why would the few be so willing to help the goverment who has a history of murder,
distruction, and other hideous acts against humanity?
Because when a power is trying to take control, it is far better on a selfish level to practice
self preservation than to practice justice and honor.
You die for those things.
So rather than die, you exchange your own people for a life that is full of comforts, and food,
and houses, and boats, and any other amenity that you can immagine.

....knowing this breaks my heart, pisses me off, and makes me wonder how long it will be
before the chip they have been trying to put into people to keep track of them will become
law rather than choice as it is now.

America, the home of the free....the land of the brave....good words.
Honorable words.

words that remain. But are ignored, and disgarded as easily as one disgards the plastic
lining between a lid and the glass on a mayonaise jar.

We, in a relativly little while will be fighting not to be forgotten, reduced to some few pages
in some history book that means nothing, because it never has a chance to be explored by the
children in school.

Look at the american indian nations, and see yourselves, because that is exactly where
we are going.
Do you like what you see?

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rosyxxx *** agrees...

Re: The trials and tribulations of the Indian nation...

That was powerful. I have to say that for many years I have believed that the power infrastructure of this country and others aren't as sinsiter as some people make them out to be...that it isn't that simple...that it isn't that codified. And yet, from my growing experience, I see that it is that simple. If only for a particular segment. And it's hard to tell which groups of people out of that segment know exactly what they are doing...

And I I want to know? If I know, if others know for sure, will the way we achieve liberation be to do what the tribes of the Hutu and Tutsi did to each other in Rwhanda? One opressed people turning on another opressed people? Or what the Jewish nation is doing to the Palestinian nation, rationalizing it as justifiable because of the ills they endured during the Third Reich in Germany? Or what about all those wonderful Africans who sold their brethren into slavery...and the many black Americans who forget that there are many more culprits to their plight than just the system of 'the white man'?

The only redeeming thing in this all, is that it seems the American Indian culture doesn't want to retaliate the way almost every other culture has...that makes them more like the Tibetan nation than we realize. And some people look down their noses at the Tibetans for not fighting back, and at Indians for not doing so...but isn't it better to keep struggling to hang onto your heritage, rather than lose it completely by turning into the very thing you hate the most? And didn't various tribes of Indians subjugate one another as well? But they don't do that now...

I think the very fact that you, and other people like you, are taking the time to raise these issues, is what makes people more aware. More aware, not so much of the atrocities committed, but the mindset that we need to have as human beings who are truly 'humane' to prevent taking out our pain at having been opressed in certain ways, by opressing others. It seems that the patterns of childabuse and the way they seem to perpetuate themselves, are also the patterns of how 'nations' abuse each other. It's always: "Payback is a motherfucker." Or at least it has been primarily.

Maybe the way to prevent the slow slippage of American-Indian culture into nothing but memory, is to have people like you, and hopefully more, doing their best to preserve the culture. It just strikes me that one of those ways would be to commercialize American-Indian culture to an even greater extent than it already has been. What we need are people re-writing the history books, and not being afraid to live as Indians in our Western culture. How to go about that definitively, I don't know...but you raised some valid points about a topic that most Americans want to pretend never happened, while they point the finger at everyone else. We need to acknowledge what was done to the American-Indian nation, and there needs to be a presidential apology.

Hell, while I'm on that subject...there needs to be a presidential apology for a whole lot more...

But not to change the subject. As far as what you said about people in positions-of-power knowing how to manipulate the masses of 'ants' down here...well, I am beginning to realize, as I talk to more and more senators, statesmen, drug company reps and developers, powerful leaders and businessmen and women...that quite a few of them do know exactly what they are up to, and yet if you go around telling people that they admit that during private conversations, they'll run around yelling: "Crazy*points*...conspiracy theorist...right here!...*points*. Convenient, isn't it? It makes you wonder who the crazy people really are?

It seems that the job I have is really like being a fly on the wall...I hear what they say, and they think I don't notice, because I act like I am stupid. What better cover for espionage, and infiltration into the 'system'? Now, if I could just figure out what to do with that knowledge...

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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harold_maude *** replies...

Re: The trials and tribulations of the Indian nation...

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I'm sorry that it took a bit to get back to this...

The road into this big picture was going to the art show.
It was this huge eye opening expeirience to what's going on in this country now.
We are going through what they went through.
At the momemt many of the tribal artists that I've met are working tord preserving their culture.
Some see it only as just art.
But it's so much more.
Art is one of the primary languages of the human race.
Without it we wouldn't be sitting here communicating at all.
The written languages of the world have their foundations in art.
The art that the tribal people do now is a written record for the future.
It seems that through out history, when a culture is endanger of dying, and someone, somewhere comes across the art that is the record they are able to work tord bring it back from extintion.

But even if it goes exitnct, like many of the ancient cultures, that it's the anthropologists who are the inital explorers and linguists are the ones who decipher the life codes that are hidden in the art.
And it ends up in museums and then someone gets the bright idea and starts following the trail and things begin to come back to life.
So it ends up that the one thing that looks like it's not real important is the most important thing of all.

All the graffiti they keep painting over is being lost in this country...they should leave it, it's an important record.
But that's not what it's seen as.
Future generations, if the human race is still here, will find the gaffiti and it will help to see the past.
I just wish that those morons who insist that it's an eyesore and should be covered up would take a long walk off a short pier.

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rosyxxx *** replies...

Re: The trials and tribulations of the Indian nation...

Yes, I had a hard time explaining to a certain someone once, that my art was important because it was my soul. And I believe I stated that it was a form of communication...and that trying to explain what a painting meant, when it could have so many meanings, was like trying to turn it into something concrete and no longer fluid. When something can no longer move from its source, and it is either an idea or a river...when it becomes a no longer has the potential for growth. Like a dead lake, as opposed to one that is living. On the surface, for a while, they might both look the same, but the life within it, the plants and fish can die. It's kind of like love can die like that because you try to pin it down and dissect it.

The person who was arguing with me was trying to convince me that my art was nothing but a selfish, vain and fruitless pursuit, and that therefore I should give it up. He felt it had no cultural value, when in fact art is at the core of cultural values. Even when it becomes commercialized it still is...when it is on the fringes of society it still is. All art has meaning, even the meaning seems to be that it means nothing. That too, is a cultural statement.

If future peoples came back to look at some of the minimalist art of the late 50s that is periodical wont to make it's revival, they would certainly learn something about the time-frame during which it was created. The writing, the painting, the sculpture (which includes china, silverware, statues in public squares and parks, the buildings unique to the time periods...) and the jewelry, all give clues as to the social mores and values, the hopes and desires, the things that people held in high-esteem. It gives clues to what makes the culture tick. To those of us like you and me who view the world way more abstractly than most, it gives us clues currently as to what the hell all these 'rational' beings are up to...

It is a more direct communication than the distilled essence of language. It is more inclusive, and less pinned down. Just like some languages. And in my opinion, there are two kinds of dead languages: those that are no longer in use, and those which have been so codified that there is no longer any flexibility, no fluidity of meaning between the words. No distinction in context. And so when you take ancient languages that have not been in use for millenia, and were likely very fluid and magical languages, and try to define everything you thing they mean, in a rigid mathematical language...something is lost.

By the same token, if you try to hard to say in another form of language, what the soul can only feel clearly through art...something is lost. I see your point. Very clearly. Art is at the core of our souls. It gives expression to those things in us which are to fluid to be pinned down to language, which has been codified. Even certain languages, like the ancient Runes, were not used as anything but pure symbology...not codified into a way to make words and sentences. Some feel that doing that would cause the Runes to lose their magic.

If I continue with this train of thought, that leads me to the thought, that in certain instances, constant revision of writing in some cases, may make a particular piece of writing clearer (seemingly...) and easier to follow...but the life that flowed from it in abundance earlier, is now restrained, and held back. It's writing in bondage, rather than writing in freedom. The difference between writing that just flows down the arm with life, and writing that is utter chaos, to an untrained eye can look almost exactly the same, but they are not. There are so many alternative ways of perceiving a 'living writing', as well as a 'living art'...that they open up possibilities for the viewers and listeners that might not exist were things to be weeded through and compartmentalized.

Art is a raw language like this...and it is something very close to the core of our beings.

Aside: I am up now only because I am having trouble sleeping and needed a snack for my growling tummy. I must needs go back to bed. Take care. ;)

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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harold_maude *** replies...

Art speaks

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I completely agree with you.

There are people like that guy, who have no clue. I've met plenty, and after awhile I just smile and say "ok."
Trying to explain something to someone who's perspective is really limited is like trying to push a parked dump truck up hill.

One person that I talked to about this subject believes that art should be functional as well as being art to have value.
They didn't get it either.
Another sees art as only having the value of the hours you put into it times what you get paid per hour.
And still another person that this disgussion has come up with sees arts value with how well it will fit in with their decor.

Very limited views. I found it hard trying to explain that art was and is much more.
I finally stopped trying simply because all three of these people couldn't see art as more than what they believed it's value was.

It reminds me of all those people who keep telling me I need to do something with it when they don't see that doing it is doing something with it.
That sometimes that is the only thing to do with it, is to just do it.
That the purpose is not to create a viable comodity.

I have finally stopped getting into conversations that end up as debates. If it's headed that way, I'll just stop and try to go on to something else.
It's a pointless exercise to get into a debate. At that point no one is listening because all their doing is thinking about the next thing their going to say.

Anyway, I hope your snack quited your tummy, and that you sleep well. :)

Sep 30, 2005 19:30 # 39166

rosyxxx *** replies...

Re: Art speaks

That sometimes that is the only thing to do with it.
That the purpose is not to create a viable commodity.

Exactly! The whole problem is people assuming that your art is not valid if it does not make you money. Some would say to think otherwise is too dreamy...but I have a dream of a world that isn't so darned materialistic, that believes in letting your heart and soul out of the box; instead of conforming them to this odd little dream everyone seems to be dreaming as a group.

It's so hard to get people to think 'out of the box' like that, when they are hardwired to the hive mentality that says: Do it this way, or it isn't valid, because society says so...

What you are talking about would be called 'Process Art' in elitist circles. But anyway, there was an episode of that show Northern Exposure a few years ago, where the guy who ran the bar did those 'squirrel-on-log art (as my ex Gordon likes to call it...) paint-by-numbers Bob Ross-style paintings, and a friend explains to him about the concept of 'Process Art', and gets him to burn his paintings...which he doesn't like, but it's 'Process Art'. And yet, what you are talking about goes beyond the definition of 'Process Art' --though it is a nice term to throw at dense people-- to simply the fact that in your opinion, and my opinion, and a fair number of people's opinions (that unfortunately you and I aren't keeping company with right now...), the only true artist is one who makes art because THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE. YOU MUST MAKE ART, OR YOUR SOUL WITHERS. As you say, it's in your bones. When it is made for those reasons, then the act of making it is the validation for it's existence.

And yes, other people can make money off of it, and so can you...but then you also risk losing the fluid, unrestrained, unscrutinized, open, alive aspect of the art. In contrast, something doesn't always die when you have in the back of your mind that "this piece will sell", but it is a greater risk, than when the only reason to make the art is because your soul is yearning to...Pieces of art like that exist in museums, and everywhere. They exist on people in the jewelry they wear, and the clothes they wear. They exist in a photograph, like an aura surrounding the work. It's the energy, which theoretically exists, and in a lot of cases can be proven to exist. Just think of Kirlian photography....

And people who think they can't see that...see it despite themselves. They just don't know what to call it, so they dismiss it. For example, if I paint a watercolor or oil painting that's image has been burning a hole in mind, when it is done, people just get lost in it. If I make a piece of jewelry that I love every minute of making it, even if it isn't as well-executed as another piece made with less emotion...the one that had my heart and soul in it sticks out. People notice it. The same happens when I knit things. The pieces I truly enjoyed and yearned to make ALWAYS get compliments and admiration, even from people who say those aren't colors they normally like, but its just so beautiful!

I think I lost a wrap the other day that way...someone, Danielle fell in love with it. I might not see it for a while. While she was wearing it, everyone complimented her, and she pointed to me. I just smiled, because I knew what people saw was all the love of the work woven into the strands. I wove my soul into that piece. That's why a piece like that, wrapped around a cancer victim's shoulders can bring so much comfort. It's exactly isn't just because it was made for them by someone who loves them, it is because those feelings were imprinted on the piece.

Why is that so hard for the average mind to understand? They don't feel the electrical charge, the light, the love, they try to rationally explain it, and it can be rationally explained, but there is so much more to the much more. It is a great pity that most people I run into and you run into don't seem to be able to see that. I wish they could see....

And I wish they wouldn't arbitrarily dismiss it just because it doesn't come to them through rational means.

Take care, my painterly friend. And my tummy is better. And so is my mind, thanks to some wonderful people here. :-)

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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harold_maude *** replies...

Re: Art speaks

I think I inadverently found kind of sort of an answer to the raging question about art.
The problem lays in this, everything that is taught, is seperated from everything else.
It makes everything a mess, with missing peices.

It has to be seen and studied as a whole.
We've gotten so far away from that. So now there are people who only see the value of certian things, like art, in terms of how much money will it bring in.

It's not ment to be a seperate area of study, but a part of a whole.

But since trying to convince people who are convinced that it's a seperate deal will continue to be convinced and so keep putting art and all the other disciplines that make up the whole into these silly boxes, all a person can do is smile and go "ok, whatever."

At least you know what art is, and so do I. I know there are other people who do too.
I know way back they understood what it was and how it fit into the scheme of the big picture.
And that has to be enough, at least for the time being.

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