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Sep 29, 2005 20:25 # 39135

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Some guy told me I was going to die

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I know that to other people personal dreams can be boring and not have the same effects...and well thats just the way it is...but get this right...

Last night I dreamt a very futuristic dream. I was no older, but things were so different everywhere was covered in a race trank a bit like a rollar-coaster cross skelectrics. I had a race car instead of my honda civic I suppose. Lots of differnet things happened... but i guess the main part of the dream was at a party in a huge building similar to the builing that Trinity falls out of in the last matrix..or was it reloaded. I should really know this....think its reloaded! Anyway and at this party there were lots of people that I know and faces I recognised but I dont know the people behind the faces.

I suddenly get a phone call on my mobile, as I felt it vibrating in my pocket and its from someone called warren..(who I know becuase he used to work with my brother at a petrol station then he became a taxi driver and often gave me many lifts! However about 6 months ago I found out he is suffereing from cancer) so in my dream I answer the phone and spoke to him we made small talk and massive guilt-trip came over me that as soon as he got cancer and was in hospital I never text him or called him like I sould have done! suddenly the voice changed to an older man, it wasnt a nice voice and he sounded more half cast..warren is also foriegn but this was a stronger foriegn accent.
He simply said to me "i'm going to die"
I dont think I woke up here, I think the dream went on..but I have forgotten what happened!
Anyway in the end it was just a dream..feel free to analyse!


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